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September 29, 2011
By CoryChilders BRONZE, Maysville, Kentucky
CoryChilders BRONZE, Maysville, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
“Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” By-Robert Louis Stevenson.

“Blue 54, blue 54, set hike!” As Tyler yelled.
We were in the middle of a j.v. game. We are playing Montgomery County at home. It is 28 to 0 us. We line up in the formation stealer right and the play is 24 blast boot. I run up to the line and get set…
“Blue 54 blue 54 set hike!” As Tyler yelled.
the ball is snapped all I had to do was block down for 2 seconds rip off and run an out route into the flats. I do just that Tyler Baxter fakes 24 blast and roles out to his left he sees me wide open he throws me the ball… touchdown royals!! I was so happy I just scored my first touchdown ever it was one of the happiest moments in my life.

I remember the first day of spring practice like it was yesterday doing county fair, lifting, and running them royals I’m loving it. So those first 4 weeks went by really fast and before I knew it we had our full gear on getting ready to play Lafayette August 19th we run on the field that Friday night and get ready to play our first game of the season. Unfortunately we lost the game 51 to 0. But when that next week rolled around that meant we just had to work harder. We had to block our rules stay in our alleys run the right routes and continue to execute and work hard every snap. We had Montgomery County that week for varsity it was up there. So we practice all week to know our blocking rules and what to do and when to do it so Friday August 26th we head to Montgomery County we get up there and loose, that Monday its our turn to hit them in the mouth. The freshman one there game and so did we. It was one of the best games I have ever played in all my years of playing football.

As me and Dustin are worming up I look at him and say
“They look small.” As I said as we were both laughing.

So from the start of the kick off we dominated. I was hitting people left and right. They didn’t know what hit them. Se we are up at the half 26 to 0 we are killing. So the 3rd quarter rolled around and its close to the end we are on offence we just made a big drive all the way down the filed we are on about the 15 yard line. We line up in stealer right the play is 24 blast boot. We run to the line

“Blue 54, blue 54, set hike!” Tyler yelled.

The play went perfect they fake 24 blast Tyler roles out to his left he sees me wide open in the flats he throws it up it goes right in my hands and I run it in for my first touchdown ever. I was so happy I could smell the victory in the air. as the game went on we stopped them again the didn’t score on us one time the whole night. The ending score was 34 to 0. At the end of the game on my way home I just keep thinking to my self man hard work does pay off. I have busted my but all summer and worked on what I needed to work on lifted hard every day and watched video on hudl like we suppose to. I was so felled with excitement that I couldn’t stop smiling. One of my favorite quotes is “Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” By-Robert Louis Stevenson. I have learned in these past few years that you reap what you sew. So if you work hard ever day and never give up then you will get success and things that you accomplish that you never think you would accomplish. So work hard and never give up. Because hard work does pay off!!!

The author's comments:
i love football and i live to play it. the harder i work at it the better the results get and the good things just come easy.

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