Jolly Ranchers

September 28, 2011
By skylar terrana BRONZE, Wellesley, Massachusetts
skylar terrana BRONZE, Wellesley, Massachusetts
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Why me? Was the first thought that came into my mind when my mom told me I had to do Social Dance. I didn’t want to spend two hours after school once a month learning dances. I thought maybe these dances would come in handy when I was middle school or high school. Every Social Dance was the same; miserable, hot, and dull. The instructor was some middle-aged guy who smelled like nachos. He would put the girls in a circle in the middle facing out. The boys would be circled around facing the girls. The music would start. One-two-three, one-two three went his voice over the hushed giggles. There was always that tinge of excitement when you were paired with the guy you liked. It’s difficult to try and remain calm while you’re freaking out on the inside.
I had the biggest crush on this guy, Liam. I remember that day he didn’t go to school and I was dreading Social Dance because he wasn’t going to be there. Twenty minutes into Social Dance he walked in. I swear if I had smiled any bigger I would have broken my jaw! It was guys’ choice and he picked me. I’m still amazed I didn’t trip or do something beyond embarrassing. We danced four times! There were always competitions in the beginning and end of the classes. Liam had won the first competition. The prize was always a little bag of Jolly Ranchers. For the last competition Liam was my partner. We were in the final two, but we messed up the steps and lost. I’ll never forgot him saying:
“Even though we didn’t win, I think you did.”

At the time, I thought that was the sweetest thing any guy could say. He came up to me before he left and gave me three Jolly Ranchers. To this day, I still have the wrappers to all three of those Jolly Ranchers.

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