Falling Forever

September 26, 2011
By Anonymous

I don't know what you're talking about...No, seriously, I don't...Are you accusing me of something...I'm out of here. My hand brushes over the strap of my backpack, suddenly clutching it tightly in my hand, much tighter than required. The Bag slides from the seat in a quick motion, suddenly finding itself slung over my shoulder, one of the straps cutting into my shoulder blade while the other hangs lazily to the side.

"You're not leaving Miss." She tells me, tells me, but I walk out anyways. I don't care, don't you get-....No, you don't...Shut up. Now I'm walking out the door and I here her chase after me but I just keep walking. Threats circle around my head. Detention, expulsion, arrest. I don't care.

I don't stop walking as I reach the school doors, the ones that should be locked, but aren't. I just keep walking, hearing the teachers race after me. I don't stop as I reach the parking lot. I don't stop as I leave the school. I don't stop.

Eventually they give up, or at least I believe so. I can hear a car driving beside me, I don't look. I know who's in the red cruiser. My Language arts teacher, he shouts at me.

"Stop. You can't do this." Yes, yes I can "Just stop." Reason? "Come back to school." I refuse. The car doesn't stop following me. I walk for an hour, he doesn't stop though, he just follows.

Hours later I reach my house. I walk in, still hearing the exhaust of the vehicle that had been following me for so long. I stop by my room and exchange backpacks. Then I open the window, not even looking before I jump.

Falling, if only for second, I am falling. When my feet hit the roof I feel like collapsing because the feeling of falling was too much. I wish I could fall forever. I wish I could never stop. I wish I could just fall and never land. There is no landing, no reason, no feeling, when you fall. You just, fall.

The roof is long and covered in tiles. I walk across it with ease, tripping only once. Only when it counted, and for just a moment, I'm falling. Again, I'm falling, and though it's just another second, the shock I meet when I land is more painful than you can imagine.

Though it hurts, I'm not injured. I stand. I brush my pants off. I start walking. I can still hear the car behind me as I walk. I can still feel the creature that won't give up, won't stop following my trail, won't find a new, better prey. I don't stop walking though, and in hours, I'm at the highway. It takes too long. I don't care.

The cars there are fast and forgetful. I know they see me, but the drivers forget, forget that girls my age should be in school, that the picture of suffering is walking by their door. Not one person says anything, I'm invisible.

Eventually the red cruiser is far in the distance, amongst others of it's kind, in a sea of automobiles. Though I can't see him, he's still there.

I don't stop walking.

I reach the toll booth.

I don't stop walking.

I pass route after route, hour after hour. I don't feel anything. See anything. Do anything

I don't stop walking.

"When are you Coming home?" I don't care.

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