Realistically speaking

September 26, 2011
By Anonymous

She didn’t particularly seem complicated or intricate. She seemed…simple. Efficient. Orderly. Precise. She didn’t talk much, but I couldn’t decide whether it was because she feared disapproval or because she felt there was nothing significant to say. The look she had on her face was intriguing. Mysterious. Her lips were sealed, she was clearly not about to divulge what was on her mind. Most people seemed to look right past her, as if she was a part of the classroom. I couldn’t figure out what it was that made me want to see the wisdom in her.
Girls always want what they can’t have. Which led me not to shock, but disappointment when I realized I had, after all, wanted him. Convincing myself to let it go was hard. I was usually drowned in my already flooded beyond repair thoughts, but for some reason, his mere glance was all I needed to pull to the surface.
Then, I remembered. He didn’t know me. Heck, I didn’t know myself. All I knew was that I was nothing special. Nothing you couldn’t find in the sheer light of this small town.
I finally settled on the assumption I was nothing to him, either.
I looked back a second time.
And that’s all it was.
Only a dream.
It was too bad she was way out of my league. This is public high school, not twilight.

The author's comments:
Realistically speaking, it was just a dream. Imagination versus real life. Not all flavours go well together.

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