Sweet Dreams, Beautiful Nightmares

September 26, 2011
By Music-Tricks-Love SILVER, New York, New York
Music-Tricks-Love SILVER, New York, New York
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- Prologue-

Caroline looked shocked at her house. When she had left that morning for school, it had been in perfect shape. Now, look what happened. The ashes surrounding the huge lump of charcoal probably held her family. Looking down in what seemed to be the peace of the chair her mother used to sit in. She should have been there. She should be dead right now. She shouldn’t be in this place, not alive. But of course she had a fight with her parents and automatically ran out the house. This was just what she deserved. Suddenly her going through a day of school without being tormented seemed very meager to how her day had turned out. Her I-pod was playing ‘I wasn’t prepared’ by Eisley. Yea that’s one way to put it. Caroline thought sourly.

“OH MY.” Came a scream from the distance. Pretty soon a group had surrounded among the ashes of the house. Hugs and pitiful glances drowned Caroline as she closed her eyes and breathed in. This had to be a dream. God wouldn’t be so cruel as to murder the closest people she had ever known. A woman in uniform stated to take pictures of the scene and shook her head muttering. A few other uniformed men and women walked around surveying the scene and shooing everyone off. When the last curious badgering person had left all that remained was red and blue flashing lights, people in uniform, Caroline, and the ashes. Never forget those ashes that changed Caroline’s life. If there is one thing for certain she never forgot them.

I threw my eyes open. No, it definitely wasn’t a dream. Just a nightmare, a beautiful nightmare.

The author's comments:
I'm thinking of continuing this in first person but I'm wondering if I should have more of a back story first.

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