The sharpest knifes

September 24, 2011
By Nicola Abbott BRONZE, Canterbury, Other
Nicola Abbott BRONZE, Canterbury, Other
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Dean looked in at the sorry house, ten years ago he had been 11, moaning out to his mum, twenty years ago dean had come home from the hospital. The big manor wailed with the howling wind, a car parked in front of the old house as trees whispered there haunted lullaby. People, living, breathing, and watching the old television. A light flickered on where his bedroom used to be.
“Don’t forget to put your clothes away love.” An old grandmotherly voice called out.
“I won’t Nana.” A sweet harmonious voice moaned out. The lights flicked of, but Dean could see the girl, she climbed out the same window frame he did when he was younger, she must have only been 19. But Dean was now home. Dean dumped his army bags on the polished wood of the deck and then he rang the door bell, Dean saw the girl grab the window and crawl inside.
“Alice, could you grab that dear.” The grandmother called out again.
“Yes Nana.” A third heavenly voice yelled out. Alice peaked through the door. “Oh my, Dean… Lilly!” the woman squealed her grey-green eyes grew and her brown hair flowed over her face, “How are you little Alice.” Dean hugged her as the red haired girl stopped at the foot of the stairs, her blue eyes glistened against het soft complexion, and Lilly stood still with shock.
Dean almost skipped over to Lilly, her eyes filling with salty tears.” I didn’t think you’d make it.” She cried into his chest.
“Oh Dean how are you?” said the grandmother as she stopped near Alice. “I’ll put the kettle on, Alice would you please take deans bag up stairs. You two can get the fire going.” Said Lilly’s grandma, organizing everyone.
Dean walked into the open living room and put a log on the fire and he felt his war wounds. His scars still haunted him as he finally sat down next to a tabby cat. Lilly questioned Dean’s presence.
“Your service was for 5 years it’s only been 3, Dean… is everything all right?” Dean looked into Lilly’s eyes,
“Heart problems.” Dean tried out the smile on his face. “I’ll go help Nana.” Lilly walked out of the room as Deans weak heart shoved the bullet fragment left, then right. And finally stopping, Dean’s eyes shut as he took his last breath. His body collapsed on the floor by the roar of the fire.

Dean was shaken awake from his sleep gunfire opened up the grey skies. “THIS IS NO TIME FOR SLEEPING SOLDER! WE ARE AT WAR!” The sergeant yelled in Dean’s face .But one hope still laid quietly inside dean
He would be home soon, he would return home to see the burned ruins of his home the graves of his beloved family, his Mum, Dad, Alice and Nana, and Lilly his wife to be burned in one of many hose fires. For the first time after the fire, Dean cried .

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