Three- Chapter Two

September 26, 2011
I led Mikey in through the twisting hall way to the couch. I pulled him on and we sat quiet for a second. Just a small, little second. Then, he was on me.

It kinda just happened. We were making out, slowly taking off my top as we went along. Woah- I just realized how much of a wh*re that made me sound. Back track, I'm not a wh*re.

Anyway, the sounds of the tv blasted. Familiar sounds of That 70s Show made me giggle slightly. Mikey stopped and looked at me.

He smiled and we rolled around on the bed. Giggles excaped my mouth.

I woke up the next morning alone in my own, lonely, bed. Mikey left before things got too intense. Thank god, I wasn't ready for um, you know what, quiet yet. I sat up and was surprised to find something- a note? A note on my bed?

I opened it.
"Just letting you know, you walked in to your room without a shirt on last night!"
My mouth dropped and I ran towards the window laughing. Madison was sitting by his window playing his guitar.

"You pervert!" I screamed out giggling.

"You're the one that doesn't shut her blinds!"

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