Goodbye. Forever.

September 24, 2011
By Baby_Rav SILVER, Chandigarh, Other
Baby_Rav SILVER, Chandigarh, Other
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So here I am again. Betrayed.. Heart-broken. Grieving. Mourning.
I remember when something like this happened the last time. It was with another girl who wanted to be friends with me for the new-found glory of mine in sixth grade. She flattered me. and I, gullible and vulnerable, thought that she actually considered me to be her best friend while she was busy spreading rumours behind my back .And the guy whom I had liked stopped talking to me, and I was pretty much left with the other guys of my class and my books.
Here , however, the emotional connection and sisterly bond was highly intensified,. We had sleepovers , clicked over a hundred pictures, shared a billion secrets, hanged out together most of the time and , for God's sake, I even went and lived at her cousin's in another city and knew all her distant relatives by name!
She is a good person, no doubt about that. But all her priorities and morals are mixed up. She lived in her own distorted version of reality, basing it on theatrical influences, mixing it with her narcissist perceptive and ending with her trademark sentimental dialogue. She priced petty fame and promiscuousness over friends and even family. She ignored advice, hooked up with her friend's ex, flirted with crushes of the girls she called her "best Friends", didn't care a squat about the sentiments of the friends she hurt and still blames them for not talking with her like they did something wrong.
Flattery and flirting were her greatest assets. Her idea of a perfect friendship was that of her friends constantly admiring her , her wealth, her current boyfriend and her possessions. She wanted other people to treat her fairly without ever giving them a chance. She wanted the same people to treat her like a goddess whom she had left for any other guy she had caught a fancy to. She got jealous whenever she thought that any girl was about to steal her spotlight. She has no self-respect and preferred twisting stories in a new version to make her look good, no matter what the consequences. And the last straw, she got so jealous when ever any girl , may it be even her so called best friend, , talked to her boyfriend who straight up dissed her in front of everyone, that she went paranoid thinking that she was about to steal him. Her jealousy and possessiveness towards her beaus soured our friendship.
And do you know what the sad part is?
She still thinks that I am wrong and wants me to come to my senses. She still does not know that I stopped talking to her boyfriend because I knew she felt insecure. She still does not know how many friends I lost trying to defend her, how many taunts I had to hear , how many of my relations were tainted. She says that she is sorry but I know what she truly feels, her whole mindset, her mission in life. She cannot fool me. She can make the whole world think that she is just a sweet, honey-mouthed kitten but I knew her, inside out. I know how she tries to get sympathy and turns allies against each other and never values her close or so called "loved" ones and just wants to use them. She only has one goal- find the Right One and get married ; and strives to achieve this by any means possible. She could leave the whole world whenever her new "love" wanted her to, leaving her family, friends, morals, virtues, and her whole life behind.
And she says that she wants me to go back.
That's as likely as me being the next President of USA.
So here's a shout out to all those who left their friends for guys-
You are only fooling yourself , thinking that a guy would be with you forever while he is still scared to tell his friends that you are his girlfriend.
This is not a rom-com.
It's reality.
Pardon my language , but as they say-
Life is a b****.
Hope you have fun when he again leaves you and you realize that you are surrounded by a bunch of fakes and that you have no real friend to give you a shoulder to cry.

The author's comments:
I recently got hurt by a friend like this and it still stings.

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