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Melonade and the Crush

September 4, 2011
By CupcakeSaffy PLATINUM, Cochrane, Other
CupcakeSaffy PLATINUM, Cochrane, Other
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To: Nicky <>
From: Melony <>
Date: 1st September 2011
Subject: Great news!
Hey Nicky,
Guess what? He’s in my Spanish class!
Oh, by the way, today was fine and stuff though I couldn’t find my homeroom at first and had to go all the way to the office and ask. But, it was okay. Bit rubbish without you, but then again you’re probably having a great time and I’m just being a downer on it. It’s probably so fun that you won’t even check this until you get back, but if you do then:
Do you remember Connor from Year Five? He moved away, remember, for his mum’s job or something but guess what guess what guess what?! He’s moved back and he’s at our school and he’s in my Spanish class!! I couldn’t believe it when I saw him and he looked just so much more grown up than all the other boys. He’s grown taller now and he’s let his hair grown so it’s all long and swishy. He looked just so super cool!
Anyway, I was just too excited and just HAD to tell you. It’s a shame I’m really bad at Spanish... but I suppose I could always ask someone (Connor!!) to tutor me. =]
Miss you!!
Ade xx

To: Melony <>
From: Nicky <>
Date: 3rd September 2011
Subject: Re: Great news!
Hiya Ade,
First of all, DO NOT be jealous of me. Seriously, it’s driving me crazy being here. The twins are totally annoying and Mum’s moaning because I didn’t pack a sweater. I was like, “but it’s boiling!” and she said, “it might be now, however, you were the one who whine about being cold at dinner yesterday.” It’s the pits. I asked Dad why we came at such a stupid time anyway and he just said it was a cheap deal and Mum couldn’t resist. Yeah, well it hasn’t turned out as good as she probably thought, huh?
Onto your news... I do remember Connor. On sports day he bashed right into me so I dropped the relay stick and everyone sighed. And it is too bad it’s the Spanish class you have together because you aren’t very good at it. You should really ask the teacher for extra help if you need it, not just another student.
Wish you were here... NOT! =P

To: Nicky <>
From: Melony <>
Date: 5th September 2011
Subject: Re: Great news!
Ola Nicky,
That’s why I always pack for every kind of weather, though often it means I have to use up half my parents’ suitcase as well as mine. It was a silly time to go – you’ve missed all the Orientation things. It must be hard, though, with your dad being a sparky ‘cause they don’t really make much do they? Is your mum still staying home with the twins as well? ...Yeah...
I’m sure the sports day incident was an accident! Or even if it wasn’t he’s very different now. I have to wait until Thursday for Spanish class to see him again, but at lunch today while his mates were mucking around a flinging pizza slices about like footballs he was sat to the side of them reading. Isn’t that just so sophisticated?! Anyway, you could tell he’d very mature if you were here. Oh, and by the way I was actually thinking of becoming really good at Spanish anyway so then I could tutor him if he needs. And don’t be silly; the teacher could barely write understand the worksheet herself.
I’m sure you’ll find something fun on your holiday!
Ade xx

To: Melony <>
From: Nicky <>
Date: 7th September 2011
Subject: Re: Great news!
Hi Ade,
Just so you know, that Spanish greeting isn’t spelt “ola”, it’s “Hola” with a “h”.
I’m sure you’re great at packing (that’s why I asked you to help me but you said you were “busy” so whatever). Actually I’m really enjoying our holiday now. The hotel is super posh and we get to go to the beach every day. There’s some hot tubs too and a few cool pools. But, the main reason I’m loving it now is...
I’ve met a boy! Yesterday, when I was ordering a pineapple-orange-banana smoothie that comes in a hollowed-out coconut with a straw, I was waiting by the counter (in my beach skirt to hide my thighs which seem huge whenever I look at them) and then I was suddenly aware that this boy sat in a lounge chair was staring at me. Not in a weird way! He was wearing this fabulously cool blue shirt and white shorts, and he had this really blonde hair as well as a great tan. Such a dreamboat! And he was looking at me; me in my beach skirt with my frizzies swept up in raggedy ponytail. So I waved, and then he waved, and then when I saw him at the beach today he asked to play volleyball, so I know he’s definitely interested. I hope I see him again before Saturday! <3 <3 <3
He was reading? Probably forgot to do his homework for history or something. I can’t tell how mature he is, but this guy I met definitely acts mature though he can only be our age, or a year older at most. I wouldn’t set your hopes on becoming really good at Spanish, though, especially with a teacher like that.
Anyway, see you soon!

To: Nicky <>
From:Melony <>
Date: 8th September 2011
Subject: Re: Great news!
Hurry home.
That boy sounds great, you lucky little toad.
It’s Connor.
It’s awful.
I can barely say it.
In Spanish class today he threw a scrunched up piece of paper at me. When I opened it, it was a really bad stick-person drawing but I could tell what it was:
You, with exaggeratedly frizzy hair, fallen down. Me, on the sidelines, looking sad. Him, holding the relay stick, cheering.
Ade =(

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