September 22, 2011
By ArtimisStone BRONZE, Lewiston, Maine
ArtimisStone BRONZE, Lewiston, Maine
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Today would be the day; it had to be. The day when everything would stop and a cry would at last be heard. The cry that would be heard would shatter everyone’s concentration and force everyone to look at her. Today would be epic.

Walking through the dense rain on her way toward school this is what Amelia Charleston told herself. Everything would be fine. In third period when she strutted her way toward the front of the class she would be beautiful and everyone would gasp. It was a grantee for around her neck dangled something that would insure it.

Stepping into first period Amelia strode to her desk and slumped down into her chair daydreaming. When she walked into third period her life as a below the bar rate loser would be over. She would be famous through out the school. Everyone would love her and she would love them all in turn. It was her right. She had been waiting for this day for years and at last it was hers. All she had to was remain calm until third period.

Squirming in her seat Amelia jumped as the bell for second period rang out loud and clear. One period; that was all that was left. Exiting her study hall Amelia fought the urge to run to her second period class. It would all be over soon and she couldn’t wait for a fresh restart. Soon everyone would forget that she had ever had sex Bradley Malcolm. In fact soon nobody would remember anything she didn’t want them to. In one periods time she would be floating on air.

Her life would be so easy in just twenty-three minutes. Tapping her pencil gently against the top of her desk Amelia gazed at the front of the room idly with a big smile on her face. She didn’t know what had possessed the ex-jock Nathanial Harker to take pity on her but she was happy he had. In fact if everything worked out just like he told her it would she might just end up giving him a big kiss. That wasn’t too sl**ty.

Smiling as the bell rang Amelia walked merrily out of her second period class and through the halls and down the stairs until at last she entered the choir room and toke her assigned seat. This was great. Half listening to the teacher as he strode to the front of the class Amelia sat her bag down beside her and still smiling fiddled with a thick silver chain around her neck that disappeared into her blouse.

“Miss Charleston, sense you seem so anxious; would you like to go first?”

Giving a slight nod Amelia stood up automatically looking down at her shoes as she walked. Cursing her stupidity Amelia reached up and pulled the chain out of her blouse focusing on steadying her breath. Brushing back her hair as she reached the front of the class Amelia stared out at her audience and blushed. Everything seemed awkward.

“Um…” Amelia paused; s*** this was going to be harder then she had thought. Sucking in her lower lip slightly Amelia closed her eyes and toke a cleansing breath before opening her eyes and looking back out at the class that had now begun to fidget. Get a grip.

“Miss Charleston?”

“Sorry, Mr. Blake, I got distracted.”

“We noticed. Would you like to sit back down and come back up later?”


“Then proceed.”

Focusing on a speck of dirt lying on the floor twelve inches in front of her Amelia mentally kicked herself in the posturer. She hadn’t gotten excited about today just to fail in the one moment glory was so near at hand. She had to do this, she had to rule. Rising her hand to her bosom she clasped her hand around the emerald pentagram that hung to the chain around her neck.

“Fire to fire, heart to heart, ice to ice my will impart. As you hear me believe what I say. What I tell you obey. I am your queen and you are my court. You serve me until I tell you to depart. Your mine forever and from me you will never stray. If I tell you to die you will obey. All will love me or fade to clay. As I say so obey.”

Glancing up at the class Amelia sucked in a deep breath. The room was silent. It had really worked! Today really was the begging of a new day.

“Miss Charleston, as interesting as that was; where is your report?”

“What report?”

“I am talking about your report on Wolfgang Mozart, Miss Charleston.”

“Mr. Blake, you must be mistaken; I don’t have to do it. You said so yourself.”

“That is enough Miss Charleston, report to the office. I do not have time to put up with your shenanigans.”

“But this cannot be right; you all live to serve me!”

“Go to the office now, Miss Charleston.”

Horrified Amelia stagger to her seat and swung her bag over her shoulder. It hadn’t worked. It really had worked. It didn’t make sense. As she made her way toward the classroom exit Amelia forced herself to remain calm. She wouldn’t cry. She couldn’t cry. She wouldn’t let them see her cry. Pushing the door open she began to hear whispering starting up behind her. By the end of the day what had just happened would be all over the school.


Sure enough on her way out of school that day she could hear everyone talking about her stunt in Music Appreciation. It was the new level of lame. Reaching into her pocket Amelia pulled out her vibrating cellphone and looked at its tiny screen, you have one new text message. Wondering who could possibly be messaging her she pressed down on the button that would bring her to the message. Reading its contents she felt another stab of pain. Today had totally not been her day.

FROM: 207-513-2943

I can’t believe you fell for it. You are so lame.

But look at it this way; you got your wish anyway, you are on the social bar now. Want todate? I could use a girl as gullible as you. You are so refreshing Amelia.



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