The mistake.

September 22, 2011
By hebls GOLD, Cordoba, Other
hebls GOLD, Cordoba, Other
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As I was once told, life is like a game of dominos. You make one simple mistake and then it's ruined. It all started like this: Woke up late, took and extra four minutes to eat breakfast, left the house in such a hurry that i tripped and ripped my pants, ran to my school but got splashed by a car, arrived at school tewnty minutes late and the consecuence was that I had to stay an extra ten minutes after school. School finshed ten minutes ago and finally im free to go. Mom's mad when she sees I get home late, she punishes me by making me take the dog for a walk. As a result its freesing outside and yet i feel nothing, its a very odd sensacion. I'm distracted and dont see the dog escape from its leash. When I finally realized the dogs almost across the road i hurry to ketch him but sadly i pay no atention as mentioned before and as a result i get hit by the car. And finally I realized how this happend, one mistake i made this morning brang consecuences. Next time I'd recommend toi be more careful.

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