A Dream of Reality

September 13, 2011
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I stand there solemnly, watching as the jaws of life tear open the car door. Her body lays broken and bruised as she is carried to the ambulance. My heart stops for a while, my breathing is scarce. I force my body to move, even a finger, but I’m paralyzed from the sight of the crushed red sunfire that just moments ago help my sister’s lifeless body.

I hear voices; people are talking to me. I can’t make out the faces standing in front of me, nor the words coming from their mouths. I just stare down the road as the ambulance speeds away.

Too scared to cry, too sad to speak; I just stare in the distance, hoping she’ll be okay…

I awake, my pillow soaked with tears.

I try to catch my breath, but it seems as if there’s no more oxygen in my room. I lay in bed, trying to piece it all together in my mind. Why now, after 13 years, would I be dreaming her death again? It still hurts even to think her name…

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