Toys for thiers

September 13, 2011
By Anonymous

I sat there in the sillouetted corner, them watching. They screamed insults and consequences. I yelled trying to block the voices, but they got louder. I cried out for her, my angel, my protector. When she didnt come back, I smashed the glass. It burst into a million shiny sharp peices. Very shapr little glittery pieces. I pick up the biggest most menacing one and slashed. From the wounds it gushed and pooled onto the floor. I cut in more, the final count coming out at 22 long deep gashes and threw the shard into ones face. It almost completely missed, but it left a smal papercut like scratch across its cheek. The voices only got higher until the frequencies made me vomit. They got even louder, crueler. Hitting 'below the belt' whenever they got the chance. One even went and poured salt on my arm, trying to make the sting flair. I only stared and made a crooked smile. When it realised that this had no effect, it returned to screaming. This had been going on for long enough, and its recently gotten worse. And there was only one way to stop it. I picked up the shard again, and they lost thier toy.

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