Only One Chance

September 12, 2011
By Caleb VanderWal BRONZE, New Palestine, Indiana
Caleb VanderWal BRONZE, New Palestine, Indiana
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Jacobs first game of the series. There is also a cheerleading convention. One of the best girls there is a girl named Ava. Tracy and Lenard are talking and they decided to sit by each other, they found out that they both had their kids doing cheerleading or playing basketball. There are three seconds left to go in the game. They are down two and Jacob has the ball and he shoots the ball from half court with a half second left to go in the game. The stands are silent. The ball is in the air, the ball hits the backboard, hits the left side of the rim, then the right, then into the goal! The stands go crazy! Everyone runs down to the court to congratulate Jacob. Even the cheerleaders come on the courts.

“I made the shot, I made the shot!” shouted Jacob.

“We love you!” cried the stands.

“Congrats.” said Ava. “You played very well today.” she said.

“Why thank you!” Jacob said as he stares into her eyes.

That night Tracy invited Lenard to her house. Jacob came with Lenard. Jacob went up and played with Ava in her room. 45 minutes into the night the doorbell rings, “Its Ryan.” said Tracy.
“Who’s Ryan?” asked Lenard.

“He is my ex husband.” she replied.

“Why do you say that in a bad way?” Lenard asked.

“Well how about we don’t talk about it.” whispered Tracy.
Ryan Busted in.
“Hi Ryan.” said Tracy.

“Who the hell is this?” shouted Ryan

“I think I am going to go now.” said Lenard.

“Come on Jacob.” shouted Lenard.

“Why did you have a guy in the house?” asked Ryan

“We can talk about this later, please just leave me alone.” Tracy said

“Fine but you haven’t seen the end of this!” shouted Ryan as he slammed the door.

It was game two of the championship tournament, this was the semi-final match and Jacob has to play the number two team in the world.

“We have to give it everything we have!” coached Jacob. “Relentless on three!” shouted Jacob.

“1, 2, 3 RELENTLESS!” screamed the team.

Tracy and Lenard sat by each other. They really didn’t say much about last night. It was the third quarter and Jacobs team was down three. At that time Ryan walked in and went and sat behind Tracy and Lenard.
“What are you doing here?”questioned Tracy.
“Oh just watching the game.” Ryan replied as he was kneeing her in the back.

It’s the fourth quarter and Jacobs team is up with 10 seconds left and the other team had the ball. Brandon has the ball, he shoots. He misses!

“We won, we won!” shouted Jacob.

“Well I am going to be going now.” Lenard said scarily.

“You are coming with me.” said Ryan.
“Why?” asked Tracy.
“Because I said to, now shut the hell up!” shouted Ryan.
In the car Ryan asked “Who is that guy you are seeing?”

“I’m not seeing him, he is just a friend.” said Tracy

“Bull s***!” shouted Ryan as he slapped her in the face.
“He really is a friend.” cried Tracy. “Take me home please.” said Tracy still crying.
“If you say anything to your lover then I will hit you even harder!” shouted Ryan
“I won’t.” promised Tracy.
That night Lenard called Tracy.
“What is up with your ex husband?” asked Lenard.

“He is just very protective.” Tracy replied.
“Well what does he do to you?” Lenard asked.
“Well he just calls me names and gives me a little hit on the head.” whispered Tracy. “Not that much.” she said.
“Not that much!?” Lenard screamed.
“Yeah not that much, but you can’t tell anyone about this.” Tracy said.
“Are you kidding I need to tell the cops.” he said.
“No, no don’t do that please I will talk to him.” Tracy cried.
“I will give you two days then if I find out that he hasn’t stopped then I’m telling the police.” Lenard said.
The next morning Jacob woke up and said. “This is the big day. Everything I have worked for all for this day.”
He got himself some breakfast and got on the road. When he gets to the game he sees the stands filled.
“Full house.” whispered Jacob quietly to himself.
“You need to give it everything you have today leave it out on the court, you here?” his dad told him.
“Yes dad I will.” Jacob replied.
When Tracy came to sit by Lenard, Lenard asked. “has he stopped yet?”
“I haven’t seen him since we talked.” Tracy said.

“Okay well we will talk about this after the game.”
After the first half the score was 31-28 Jacobs team. Entering the second half Jacob sat the bench the number one team was scoring none stop on them. The coach had to put him back in. When Jacob entered the game then they were down 39-45 in the third quarter. Jacob played the whole third quarter, but they were only up three. In the fourth quarter, the score was 49-47 with 3.3 seconds left and the number one team had the ball. The guy takes it with two bounces of the ball and throws it. The crowed is silent the ball goes and goes. He makes it! The crowed is still silent.

“I can’t believe that I came all this way here and all the hard work for nothing!” Jacob said furiously.

After the game is over Lenard waits for Tracy at the gate

“Hey I got an idea on how to catch him. We get a hidden camera and we get him calling those names and hitting you.” he said happily.

“We can try it.” said Tracy scared.

That night Ryan called Tracy and said “We need to talk now!”

“Okay” said Tracy.

While they were in the car Tracy spills here drink.

“You stupid w****!” Ryan said yelling at her. “What do you think you are doing?” he asked as he hits her right in the head.
“Well if you don’t have anything to talk about then I guess I will just leave.” she said.

“Fine, Bye!” Ryan Screamed.

After Tracy got out she calls Lenard and says. “I got it all on film, it worked!”

“Yes, let’s take it to the police now.” Lenard replied.

“Okay lets go.” she replied.

At the police station Lenard filled out a form that Tracy had been abused. So the police go to Ryan’s house and arrested him. The next week Lenard asked Tracy to be his girlfriend.

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