Drop of Death

September 15, 2011
By Nana21 BRONZE, Alamosa, Colorado
Nana21 BRONZE, Alamosa, Colorado
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Anxiously I stand there waiting, moving from one spot to the other. My hands were trembling like a cold puppy shivering in your arms. I stare up at it, with fear written all over my face. My eyes were as big as golf balls and my mouth dropped in shock. Knowing that I’m closer to it by every second my body goes numb. Thinking about it was even worse, my body felt weird like there were ants crawling from every inch of my body. My mind was going as fast as a race car, from one image to the other. Walking off the ride me, my dad, and my best friend stand there laughing.
“ You scream like a girl” I tell him. Walking slowly over to the next rollercoaster, we pass the Tower of Doom. We all look at each and then back up. We continue to walk
“Were going on that, I don’t care what you guys say” Ashlee says. I look at my best friend and then back to the ride. My face is as hot as water boiling water and my legs start to wobble. I stare off in to the distance blocking every sound out, I stayed like that for a while.
“Ouch! What was that for” I snap looking at her
“ You didn’t answer me and you went in you own little world so I hit you.”
Ashlee grabs my arm and starts pulling me to it. I try strutting away, I yank my arm with all my strength I sit on the ground which didn’t help she still is dragging me across the pavement. With all my strength I start running in the opposite which yet again didn’t help I just run in place. Giving up I slowly walk to the Tower of Doom. We stand in line, my body is starting to give up on me it feels like gravity came up from under me.
“Do I have to? Please lets go on something else!” With my last breath I try talking her out of it. No luck were even closer then I thought. Annoyed I stand in line dreading it wishing that it would be over already. Pace from one side of the poll to the other we wait.
“Were next!” she tells me. Im sweating from literally every inch of my body. Barely holding myself up I walk onto the ride. Sitting in my place I wait for the guy to strap us fully in. Im holding onto the bar as tight as I can my hands are as red as a cherry.
Sitting here I start hyperventilating. I hear a click I look up and back down I start kicking and I grab the bar even tighter. Everything on the ground is as small as a speck of dirt. Finally, at the top we stop I stare down my eyes as big as quarters.
I open my mouth wanting to scream but nothing comes out. I cover my face with my hands and close my eyes as tight as skinny jeans. My stomach feels like its floating in mid air, butterflies fill with in me. Still falling I wrap my arms around the bar and brace myself.
“I want off this ride, I hate it im never coming on this ride again.” Jumping out off the seat I grab on to the handles and slowly walk to the exit. My legs are as wobbly as jello and my hands shiver as if its 0 degrees. I will never go on high objects ever again, fear was written all over my face.

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