My Life Passion

September 15, 2011
By Jessica Chiles BRONZE, Hooper, Colorado
Jessica Chiles BRONZE, Hooper, Colorado
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I hesitantly walk into the big gym wanting to turn around and run out the door instead of playing basketball for the first time in my life. I see a lot of little girls that are my age everywhere which makes me feel calmer. They are running around like confused ants and are trying to get the basketball into the hoop. I recognize a couple of my friends while my parents are leading me to the coach standing on the other side of the gym. My parents tell me goodbye and leave me with the coach.
“Have you played basketball before Lola?” My coach asks me.
“No” I reply very quietly.
“Just watch the girls’ play a game and I think you will get it” Says my coach very encouragingly.

I stand on the sideline watching them run up and down the court like they have all had too many energy drinks. Each time the girl with the ball starts walking or running I see her bouncing the ball with one hand until she stops moving and then she stops bouncing it and holds the ball. I know when they do that they are getting ready to shoot the ball or throw it to someone else that is open on our team. I see that as soon as the person who has the ball is really close to the basket or is open they launch the ball at the basket to try and make it in.
“I think I understand how to play now” I tell the coach.

I run into the game feeling as if my heart will jump out of my chest at anytime. I go to the girls on my team and we start playing again. I start sprinting up and down the court trying to get the ball. About the fifth time of running down the court I come up behind a girl on the other team and take the ball right out of her hands. I dribble the ball down the court to our basket very slowly at first and then speed up as I get the hang of it. When I get to the little black box right by the basketball hoop I throw the ball up and it goes right threw the basket. I jump up and down and feel as if I can run a mile while my team cheers and tells me good job. Then the ball is given to the other team to throw in. After my team and I make a few more baskets we hear the loud buzzer and we all run to the coach.

My parents show up right after our practice game to take me home. They talk to my coach for what seems like an hour. Finally we are on way home. I tell my parents about the baskets I made and how exciting it was to steal the ball and go make a basket. I tell them that I want to keep playing basketball.

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Vava903 said...
on Sep. 18 2011 at 2:41 pm
I like it, sounds like a good start to a story. Is it?

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