The Way It Is

September 15, 2011
By Britt-Britt BRONZE, Alamosa, Colorado
Britt-Britt BRONZE, Alamosa, Colorado
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Tonight. It’s tonight! The biggest night for Cornflower High’s class of 2012; Prom! Today I woke up so excited that I was bouncing around like a jackrabbit that just escaped a hound dog! Tonight is just going to be so awesome.

Finding a date for the prom was really hard on everybody. I wanted to go with my best guy friend, since forever, and long-time crush, Rod. His amazing crystal blue eyes and dark black hair prove that he is one of the hottest guys in school, not to mention the fact that he has the best muscles out of the whole football team. But he has a girlfriend, Sandra. She is like a rattlesnake, waiting for me to make the wrong move so that she can strike and ruin my life.

Then there is Dave, the biggest nerd in school, and he has a HUGE crush on me. His huge glasses, high-wasted pants with suspenders, stupid side-parted hair and braces make him look like a modern-day Irkel. He asked me, “Fairest Elizabeth, will you go to prom with me? I can be your hero, and you will be my damsel in distress.”

I replied, “No, thanks, I would prefer to go alone, but I will dance with you.”

My best friend, Mandy, says I’m the nicest girl in all of Kansas, but I think I really need to toughen up. At just over five feet, I managed to make the varsity basketball team. Most girls envy my long brown hair and big blue eyes, so why can’t I have a date for the prom? Rod might have wanted to prom with me, but I was too scared to ask. At least I have a pretty dress and the freedom to dance with whomever I want to.

I drive myself over to the prom in my big white Chevy pickup. My heels are already killing me. The big bun in my hair has gone flat and tousled. I can’t wait to dance my little booty off though. That is what prom is all about, right?

Mandy is there at the entrance, waiting for me to come in. She exclaims, “Let’s take some pictures!”

Multiple cutesy pictures later, we head to the bathroom to fix ourselves up. Walking into the lady’s restroom, we stand in a cloud of aerosol. The smell of hairspray stings our nostrils. It’s totally disgusting, but we stay there anyway, preparing for the big moment.

The cafeteria is pulsing with loud dance music. My feet start tapping, next thing I know I’m grooving it up with a circle of my friends. All I can think about is the rhythm and laughing along with my group.

When the music ends, I head over to a folding chair so I can rest. Before I can sit down, I hear the opening line of “The Dance”, the most beautiful song ever. I know I will go ask Rod to dance.

I start walking over to where Rod is sitting. Pressure reaches my shoulder as a stubby finger taps it. “My dear maiden, will you dance with me now?” asks Dave.

“Not right now.” I reply

“But you promised you would dance with me.”

He sounds exactly like a three-year-old begging for a cookie. “No!” I shout.

He looks at me with wet puppy-dog eyes, but I just ignore him. I have more important things to think about.

I hear Sandra and her gang laughing away. All of them squealing, “Oh, you look so pretty!” and “Where did you get those stilettos?”

The song is halfway over. I better move fast. Rod’s handsome face is so close, but not enough. Sandra’s heavily make-upped face glares up at me, but I don’t care. I break into a sprint, which is hard to do when you’re in 5-inch heels.

All I felt was the loud THUD that echoed across the dance floor. An extreme pain in my ankle seized my body, and I blacked out.

First I hear the voices. “Will she be ok?” comes out of a masculine sounding mouth.

“Yes,” says another voice. “It’s not like it’s a heart attack or anything.”

Then I open my eyes. Rods beautiful blue eyes are staring at mine. “What happened?” I ask him.

“Sandra tripped you. She is really jealous of you. But I just broke up with her, so I could be with you.”

I just blinked. I could not believe this was happening. The tomboy NEVER gets the hottest guy in school to be her man. But, I guess that’s just the way it is.

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