Seeing April

September 3, 2011
By Kimlay15 SILVER, Tampa, Florida
Kimlay15 SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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Seeing my life flash before my eyes, doesn’t necessarily boost the recovery process. Couldn’t my life just slow down for at least a month? No, wait. That would just make things easy for me… and of course that could never happen. I’ll never get a break from all this. I’ll never get to feel what it’s like to be happy, and to wake up knowing that somebody somewhere loves you, and wants what’s best for you, without expectations of anything in return. I’ll never know what it’s like to be a kid. I don’t want any pity… no sympathy, just listen to me… please.
Yes. My name is April… I remember now. Who’s that man? A shadowy, gray, beard laid across the bottom half of his face. He was clothed in dark brown slacks and a white button down shirt. His eyes were a frosty, white-ish, and blue mix. I couldn’t remember if I knew the man or not.
Again he said, more sincere this time. “April.” I blink several times and eventually processed that I was indeed in a hospital room. I’ve been here a couple times in the past year. Not for my problems though…
“April, can you hear me?” He asked, not looking directly at me. I sat up a little and winced at the sight of my arm. All the pain rushed to me now. My head had been severely hit, I could feel that now. And my arm, limp, just lying there… covered in shades of black and blue.
“Who- who are you?” I stuttered.
“You don’t remember me…” He said this like he was expecting it. He wasn’t looking at me still. He was looking at something farther from reality and I could tell this man was somebody I should listen to. “You saved my life April.”
“What? How?” the pain rushed to my head again and I screamed. I pulled over what looked like a call tool for a nurse, and pressed it.
“You don’t remember anything do you?” he said this as my nurse came rushing in.
“Sir we don’t allow visitors just yet. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” And with that he was gone. He grabbed a cane that had been lying on the bedside table and felt his way out of the room. It had not occurred to me, but this man was blind. “April, do you know who that man was?” She asked with a worried expression on her face.

“Not a clue…”

A month went on and no visitors. They spend weeks looking for any family that would want me… I was to be put in a foster home once I had fully recovered. The hardest part was finding out that nobody knew what had happened... I had a bullet wound on my right shoulder and I fell really hard on something, they don’t know what, but it gave me a severe concussion… the doctor said I was lucky to be here still. Unfortunately my parents weren’t as lucky...

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A short of something i thought could be big...

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