Ace the photogropher

September 7, 2011
By samsams GOLD, Bentonville, Arkansas
samsams GOLD, Bentonville, Arkansas
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A photographer by the name of Ace strolled alone in the city park. Trees were blown down; power lines buzzed on the ground, no life moved it was as if the world was at a standstill. Last night a massive tornado blew through the city park and destroyed the rest of the city. Ace had one goal to take pictures of the damage, and send them to the newspaper.

Ace collected a shot of a tree suffocating the now flattened swing set. The metal reflected the burning sunset. Moving toward the jungle gym, that has a car flipped onto it, he heard a small whimper. Looking around he saw no one. He approached the car and heard it again, this time louder.

“Hello?” Ace looked around again. A whimper responded. Ace sprinted to the car peaked in the window and saw a baby lying in the floorboard. Upfront the baby’s parents where motionless, dead.

He opened the car door and carefully picked up the baby. It must be hungry he thought. He had brought a lunch box full of dinner just in case he was hungry later. Pulling out a carton of milk he sat on the ground and adjusted the baby. The baby reached its arms towards the cartoon, so he helped feed it. Forever seemed to have passed until the baby stopped eating.

Time passed and Ace decided to change his goal. Now he wanted to safely take this baby to a hospital. Before he left he forged a cross out of tree branches next to the car and sent a silent prayer for the deceased.

He took the baby and got into his own car. Later after hours of driving he reached a hospital untouched by the storm. Yawing out of exhaustion he wrapped the baby in a spare blanket he keeps with him and took the baby inside. A nurse greeted him and he handed her the baby “He was all alone in a car at the park, his parents are dead. Please help me.” He pleaded to her.

The nurse took the baby and sent police officers to Ace. They interviewed him and followed him to the park. His goal had been accomplished he saved the baby. In the next edition of the newspaper the title read “Man saves baby, picture perfect memory!” Ace was now a hero and everyone around the world had read about him. When someone asked “Why did you save it?” he simply responded “My goals in life are to always help other.” Then he walks away smiling. Ace eventually adopted the baby and ten years later the now young boy has a father.

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