Half-pipe Romance

September 7, 2011
By IguruKyuu BRONZE, St Paul, Minnesota
IguruKyuu BRONZE, St Paul, Minnesota
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It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Washira, Japan. The sun was shining, the sky was a brilliant blue, and the wind blew lightly, causing sakura petals to fall every so gently. During this beautiful morning, you could see a young man, a teenager the age of 17.

This teen had medium short hair that was darker than obsidian and eyes that were as
silver as zinc. He was around 5’ 7” and had a medium build. He wore a black t-shirt, a pure white hoodie with the Japanese kanji for ‘eagle’ on the back, black jeans, and white skate-shoes. He also had on a black and white checkered shoulder backpack and a white cap. He held a custom skateboard with the same kanji on the bottom of the board in black while the rest of it was white. The trucks were black with an eagle on them and the wheels were black with white wings like a white eagle. This boy kept on walking until he heard his name being called out.

“Oi! Kyuu!” someone called out from behind him. He turned around to see another male
teen, that was about the same age, skating towards him. He had black medium long hair with blood red streaks in them and dark brown eyes; he stood at around 5’ 6”. He wore a red cap, a plain red shirt under a charcoal black sweater, baggy black jeans, and black and red skate-shoes. Like Kyuu, he also had a backpack but it was a draw string and it was red. His board was red with a black wolf on the bottom, his trucks were black, and his wheels were red.

“Hey Kuroki, I thought you weren’t coming,” Kyuu told him.

“Yeah, I wasn’t going to but I decided to come last minute,” Kuroki explained.

“You just realized Yue’s going too didn’t you?” Kyuu asked.

“Yeah,” Kuroki said, extending it.

“Ahahaha, see? You do love her!” Kyuu teased.

“Shut up,” Kuroki told him quickly.

“Ahahaha, well, let’s get going, the train’s leaving in 10 minutes,” Kyuu told him before
he dropped his board on the sidewalk and started to skate away with Kuroki following him. As they skated to the train station they made small talk. They talked about what kind of boards they had, where they would usually skate, what new tricks they had recently learned, etc. In less than 7 minutes they had made it to the station. They decided to look around to see if the others were there yet.

“Hey Kyuu-kun! Hey Kuroki-kun!” they heard. Kyuu immediately froze at the voice,
after a second or two he slowly turned around. By the entrance to the station was a beautiful young lady. Her medium-long dark brown hair was flowing freely and her big chocolate brown eyes were drawing him in, she was around 5’ 5” tall. She wore a simple white shirt, a black sweater, black skinny jeans, and a pair of black and white checkered skate slip-on shoes. She also had a black backpack with different colored stars and her board was in her hands. Her board was completely white with a pair of wings on the bottom of it.

“Hey guys!” a girl said as she popped out from behind the young beauty. “Kyuu, stop freezing up whenever you see Aimi-chan!” she said when she saw how Kyuu was acting.

“Sorry, Yue” Kyuu told her. Yue had short black hair, dark brown eyes, and was around 5’ 6”. She wore a black t-shirt, a black and red plaid long-sleeve over it, dark blue jeans, and black high-top shoes. She had a black backpack on and a pair of black roller-blades in her hands.

“Are the others here yet? The train’s going to be here in a few minutes, right?” Aimi asked.

“Yeah, we’re here,” they heard from the opposite end of the empty train station. There were four people the same age as them; there were two males and two females. The one that spoke was a male with spiked dark brown hair, midnight blue eyes, and was around 5’ 5”. He wore a yellow t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and black shoes with yellow lightning bolts on the side; he also had a yellow backpack with black lightning bolts.

“Hey Reiden!” Kyuu yelled. They walked over and the guys all went and did their handshakes.

“Wow, what’s with guys and their handshakes?” one of the girls that just came asked. Just as it came out of her mouth, Yue went and shook hands the same way the guys did. “I take it back, what’s with guys and Yue-chan and their handshakes? They’re so stupid!” she restated. She had black medium-short hair, copper brown eyes, and she stood at 5’ 7”. She wore a white t-shirt, grey skinny jeans, and black skate shoes. Her board was completely red; on the bottom were the word ‘Phoenix’ and a crown under it.

“Hey! Ran, our handshakes are cool!” one of the new guys retorted. He stood at around 5’ 5”; he had medium short black hair with purple tips and brown eyes. He wore a baggy black sweater over a purple t-shirt, a pair of baggy jeans, and a pair of black biking shoes. He had a purple and black checkered backpack. Next to him was a black bike with dark purple stripes and had two of pegs on both sides.

“Whatever Daichi, they’re so stupid!” she retorted.

“Hey, calm down you two!” one of the new girls there yelled. She had long flowing hair, oak brown eyes, she stood at just over 5’ 5”. She wore a black t-shirt, white sweater, black skinny jeans, and black biking shoes. She held a white bike next to her; it had 4 pegs, just like Daichi’s.

“Sigh, fine Hana-chan, I’ll stop for you,” Daichi said, winking at her.

“The train will be here in a couple minutes,” Kyuu told them.

“Okay,” the rest said in a chorus of voices. They talked a little before the train arrived and they all boarded, bikes and all. Surprisingly to many of them, no one else was on. As they waited to arrive at their stop, the question that half of them had on their mind came up.

“Where are we going?” Ran asked.

“We’re going to........... a hot spring!” Kyuu yelled excitedly.

“What?” Daichi asked, surprised.

“Wait, who’s paying? Cause I don’t have enough money to stay at a hot spring,” Kuroki said.

“No worries guys, Aimi’s uncle and aunt own the place, they gave us a discount and my parents are paying for it,” Kyuu told them.

“Of course your parents are paying,” Kuroki said.

“Well what can you say? His parents own one of Japan’s largest companies,” Aimi said.

“He’s rich! He carries like 10,000 yen with him at all times and he has credit cards and stuff too!” Kuroki yelled.

“So? It’s not like I’m rich,” Kyuu said plainly.

“Yes you are!” everyone yelled.

“No I’m not. My parents are rich, I’m not,” he told them.

“Only rich people say that!” they retorted.

“Whatever,” he said. After this small argument, the teens simply talked about what they were going to do when they got there. It went all the way from bathing in the hot springs to playing ping-pong.

“We will be arriving at Kawakiwa Station in 10 minutes,” a conductor said as he came into their car.

“Thank you Kaoru,” Kyuu told him. The conductor gave him a nod before leaving. As soon as he left, everyone stared at Kyuu, confused.

“To make sure we weren’t put into any danger or anything, my parents payed the train station to shut down for two days, now and when we come back, so that there’s only us and two of our butlers,” Kyuu told them nonchalantly.

“Butlers?” Ran asked.

“Yeah, butlers,” Kyuu told them.

“Wow. You know, where’s you’re house anyway? I’m pretty sure we would notice a huge house,” Reiden said.

“It’s because my house is 2 miles out of town,” Kyuu told him.

“Two miles?” Aimi asked.

“Yeah, I skate to the edge of town, you know, by the cafe and then I get picked up,” Kyuu told her.

“Wow, that explains why you always skate home with all of us but then take off in the other direction after we’re all home. You even go to the completely opposite side of town where I live,” Aimi told him.

“Yeah, it’s the least I can do for a beautiful young lady like you Aimi-chan," Kyuu said before realizing what he had said and blushing. Aimi blushed before both looked away from each other. Everyone else was staring at them with smiles on their faces. All was quiet for a while, then the train stopped.

“Well, we’re here!” Yue yelled, excited.

“Uh, well, not quite,” Ran told her.

“What?” Yue asked confused.

“You’ll see,” Kyuu told her before walking out the door. They all followed and when they got out, they saw what Kyuu and Ran meant. As they walked up to the end of the station, they could see that they were in the middle of nowhere. It was just the train station with a forest on one side of it and a road on the other, on the other side of the road was a mountain wall.

“Where are we?” Hana asked, worried.

“Kawakiwa Station ma’am,” they heard from behind them. They turned around to see the conductor behind them.

“Hello Kaoru, are we getting picked up?” Kyuu asked him.

“Yes, Kyuu-sama, he should be here in a couple minutes,” he replied.

"Thank you, you may go now Kaoru, we’ll be fine,” Kyuu told him. Kaoru then left and went back onto the train.

“What? Are we getting picked up on a limo or something?” Hana asked.

“Nope,” Kyuu said before they started to hear something. It was a kind of ‘flop-flop-slop’ sound. Then they noticed the sound was coming from above them.

“Are you always this flashy?” Raiden asked.

“No, but if we took the road it would take us 3 hours, this way, it’s only a about half an hour,” he told them as a 20’ long helicopter landed in front of them. They all watched as Kyuu opened the door and got in.

“Well what are you waiting for?” Kyuu asked over the sound of the rotors. Everyone but Hana and Daichi got in.

“Where are our bikes supposed to go?” Hana asked.

“Oh, right,” Kyuu said, getting out. He led them to a door near the back and opened it. “Put them in here, strap them down on the side with the straps. They did what he said then followed him into the helicopter after closing the door. Once they were all strapped in and the doors were all closed they took off.

They flew over the mountain and a canyon then flew north-east for about twenty minutes before they saw forest again. Then after a few minutes, the group of skaters and bikers saw what they thought was heaven. It was a giant hotel, a hot spring, and a giant skate park. It had half pipes, quarter pipes, rails, funboxes, vert ramps, pyramids, pools, bowls, and even more. It was simply heaven for a skater.

“Dude! This place rocks!” Kuroki yelled excitedly. As soon as the helicopter touched down, Kuroki opened the door and jumped out. He was about to run to the skatepark but Kyuu grabbed his shirt and pulled him back. “Aww, come on, let me go!” Kuroki yelled.

“No,” Kyuu told him simply. Everyone filed out of the helicopter and got their things before it took off and left. As the helicopter left two people, a man and a woman, came out of the hotel.

“Oji-san! Oba-san!” Aimi yelled as she ran to them.

“Aimi!” the two yelled before hugging her.

“Guys, this is my aunt and uncle,” she told them.

“Hello Kyuu-san, good to see you again. Hello everyone, we will be your hosts, if you need anything don’t feel bad to ask,” Aimi’s uncle told them. Yet again, everyone looked at Kyuu.

“What? I come here to skate every now and then, plus, my parents funded the construction of the park,” Kyuu told them.

“Well that makes sense," Daichi said.

“Wait, so your parents were the ones that funded it? I was never told who it was, I was told that they did all the transactions and everything online,” Aimi said.

“Yeah, we didn’t want it to get into the media,” Kyuu told her, “It was more than 40,000,000 yen. People would start to wonder why we funded it.”

“Why did you fund it?” Aimi asked.

“I’m a skater,” Kyuu told her simply.

“Well, if you will follow me, I will show you to your rooms,” Aimi’s aunt told them. She then went inside, the group leaving their boards, skates, and bikes at the front. They then went up a few flights of stairs. As they got to the top, there was a simple white door. She then took out a key and unlocked it, revealing a giant room, it had a T.V, sofa, etc. There were doors leading to separate rooms for everyone. In each room was a king size bed, a T.V, a couch, and a door to a personal bathroom. All in all, there were 4 rooms plus the living room. Their hostess bowed to them before leaving them to get situated.

“Well, we gotta share rooms. So everyone pick a path,” Kyuu told them before unfolding a piece of paper.

“Oh cool, it’s one of those old fortune tellers,” Hana said.

“Yup, now, Hana pick a path,” Kyuu told her. She pointed to the second on the left. In the end, Hana ended up with Daichi. Hana and Daichi looked at each other for a second before blushing. Kyuu then went to Raiden, Yue, and Aimi. Raiden shared a room with Ran, Yue shared a room with Kuroki, and Aimi was with Kyuu.

“Ok this has got to be rigged or something,” Ran said.

“Nope, you can even check,” Kyuu told her, handing her the paper. “I think the universe just has a twisted sense of humor.”

“Sigh, ok,” Ran said.

“Okay everyone, go put everything away, then we’ll go,” Kyuu told them before he walked to his room.

“Go where?” Kuroki asked.

“Where else? The park smart one,” Yue told him.

“Yes!” was heard all around. They all quickly put there things away and followed Kyuu and Aimi as they made their way to the ‘Heaven on Earth’ for skaters. Everyone grabbed their decks, skates, and bikes from the front as they made their way there. As soon as they got to the park they were off. They were going around doing kickflips, acid souls, rockets, boomerangs, etc. all over the place.

They were having the time of their lives. Kyuu watched as Aimi did a japan air off a ramp but then noticed that she had overshot her ollie off the ramp. Where she was bound to land, there was a sudden drop and a funbox. The worst part was that she didn’t seem to realize it.

“Oh no, she’s gonna hit the rails,” Kyuu whispered before jetting to the funbox, adrenaline pumping throughout his body. He quickly skated to a second ramp on Aimi’s left and ollied off of it. Aimi had only a few feet left before she contacted with the rail and Kyuu only had a couple feet until he made it to her. It was going to be close. Just as Aimi was going to make contact with the rail, Kyuu made it to her, grabbing her and pulling her away, flying through the air. They fell to the ground a couple feet from the funbox, landing on Kyuu’s back with Aimi still wrapped in his arms.

“You ok?” Kyuu asked in a raspy voice. He then let her out of his grasp. She got up and knelt over him.

“Kyuu-kun! Are you ok?” she asked before helping him up.

“Yeah, I’m ok, but are you okay?” he asked, concerned.

“Yes, I’m ok,” Aimi told him smiling. He smiled back and gazed into her eyes as she did the same. They stayed there and gazed into each other’s eyes for what felt like centuries to them.

“Hey! You two okay?” Daichi asked from back at the ramp, snapping them out of their trance.

“Uh, yeah! We’re fine!” Kyuu yelled back. He got up and began to go to their boards. Aimi was about to follow but then she stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Kyuu asked when he noticed she wasn’t following.

“Nothing, I’m fine,” Aimi told him. Kyuu looked at the way she was standing, her weight mostly on her left leg.

“You hurt your right leg didn’t you?” Kyuu asked.

“No, why would you say that?” she asked. He walked over to her and knelt in front of her, touching her right ankle.

“Oww!” Aimi yelled.

“I thought so,” Kyuu said. Aimi looked away from Kyuu. “Kuroki! Come here and take the boards!” Kyuu yelled. He then scooped up Aimi into his arms, holding her bridal style, making her blush as she was pushed up against him.

“What are you doing?” Aimi asked, embarrassed.

“You can’t exactly walk,” he told her. He then started walking back towards the hotel. Everyone watched as he went and followed them. Once they were back at the hotel, Kyuu went to Aimi’s aunt.

“Can you bring us some ice, a plastic bag, and a hot water bottle?” Kyuu asked.

“Of course,” she replied. Kyuu then proceeded to bring her up to the room. He went to their room and set her down on the bed slowly. Everyone else soon came into the room too, then their hostess came in with ice, a plastic bag, and a hot water bottle.

“Thank you,” Kyuu told her before filling the bag with ice and putting it on Aimi’s ankle, making her wince.

“What’s wrong?” Aimi’s aunt asked.

“It’s just a sprained ankle, she just needs to rest for a while,” he told them.

“Whew, that’s good,” Yue said.

“Yeah, if you didn’t catch her, she would have been a goner,” Hana said. At this, Aimi and Kyuu looked at each other and blushed. Everyone saw it and smirked or smiled but didn’t say anything.

“Well, I guess she’s okay, we should leave them alone,” Yue whispered to the others before they all piled out and into their own rooms. Aimi’s aunt was the last one out, as she left she turned around and winked at them before closing the door. They were blushing so hard that they would put a tomato to shame. They sat there in silence for a while before they heard a noise outside their room.

“Sigh, really?” Kyuu asked to seemingly no one.

“What is it?” Aimi asked. Kyuu put his finger up to his lips to tell her to be quiet. He then snuck over to the door and quickly opened it. In doing so, three girls fell into the room.

“Hehe,” Yue laughed neverously. Kyuu only rolled his eyes before stepping over them and going to the room next door. In the room were the three guys with cups pressed up against the wall and their ears on them, not noticing him yet. Kyuu then went up behind all of them and smacked them all upside the head.

“Ow!” they all yelled upon contact of their head and his hand. Kyuu just rolled his eyes again and left, going back into his room.

“Do you think he’ll come back?” Kuroki asked after Kyuu left.

“Yeah. He will...... probably” Raiden said after a couple seconds.

“Oh well, let’s keep on listening,” Kuroki said before they went back to what they were doing. On the other side of the wall, Kyuu had just went back into the room. He shooed the three girls and closed the door.

“Sorry ‘bout that Aimi-chan,” he told her with a small smile before sitting on the bed.

“It’s ok,” she told him. They soon just began talking, and unknowingly began to get closer and closer. Not just metaphorically speaking, but literally too. Even with Aimi’s injury, she and Kyuu started to come closer and closer until they had gotten so close that they touched. They both looked over to each other, revealing their faces were mere centimeters apart, and yet again, they were lost in each other’s eyes.

They could feel every breath and hear every heartbeat in this silent moment. Then slowly, every so slowly, they got closer and closer to each other. Finally, their lips touched, and they were lost. They were lost in the moment as the love of the other was shown in one single moment. They slowly retracted from the kiss and looked back into each other’s eyes.

“Yes!” they heard from the door. They looked over to see everyone, even Aimi’s aunt and uncle were there watching. Kuroki had a bucket of popcorn in his hand, Daichi had a Twix in his mouth, Yue was eating a chocolate bar, and the rest were watching with anticipation. Seeing them there made Aimi and Kyuu turn 5 different shades of red.

“Get out!” Kyuu yelled before chasing them out and closing the door. He was fuming as he walked back to Aimi.

“Hey,” she said, getting his attention. As soon as he turned his head towards her, he was lock in yet another kiss. At this, he had forgotten about his anger and was filled with love. This was definitely the best day of his life.

The author's comments:
This was inspired by the thought of love that love can happen in a single moment. That love is something that can happen easily or it can be a challenge. It just depends on the people.

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