The Warehouse

September 6, 2011
By ThEoRiginPrO BRONZE, Spring Lake, Michigan
ThEoRiginPrO BRONZE, Spring Lake, Michigan
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It was a dark night. I was riding my motorcycle from my dorm room at the College of Creative Studies over to McDonalds to get a double cheeseburger.
I was under a street when zing! TSH! The streetlight was shot. There were guys saying to someone to shut up and to be quiet. Then I heard part of a scream but it was quickly silenced. I rode back to my dorm to get my pistol my parents gave me in case of an emergency, and THIS was and emergency. I was following the car really fast on my black Honda. Then Zing! Zong! Pfft! "Aw..." I never have finished that phrase of remember what I was going to say because my camera fell out and took a picture of the license plate just as it hit the ground. Then all went black.
I never knew how much time had passed I woke up but shut my eyes quickly as I said "Am I dead?"
"He hasn't been awake for..." I heard the doctor stop. "He's Awake? Hey kid how are you feeling?"
"Like I was shot." I retorted.
"Go figure." the nurse said.
"Did you catch them?" I asked.
A cop with a really funny mustache who I had not noticed before said "Catch who?"
"These guys... well uh the guys with this license plate." I opened the image on my camera and threw the camera over to him.
"Damn.. we have looking for this car. These guys are responsible for the killing of thirty people so far this month." He told me.
"The guys just left you too. That isn't normal but falling off a motorcycle going eighty miles per hour and living isn't normal either. The only people there was a friend of yours. Caden. Yeah that was his name." He said matter of factly, "you do realize you were holding a gun right?"
“Yeah, it was a gift from my parents." I told him just as my parents ran into the room.
"What were you thinking?" Mom screamed at me.
"I thought maybe that I could possibly blow their tires out and save the girl." I retorted.
“Well don't do it again." Mom frowned at me.
Later that day...
I finally got my double cheeseburger. It was pretty good. but I was in a black SUV. Which in my opinion black SUV's mean trouble. But, instead of getting all angry at me they handed me a blackberry and said "Click on kidnappers. We managed to get a tracking device on their car but we planned on a citizen to help... no one did till you came along."
We stopped at my house and there was a brand new Ducati sitting in the driveway. "OH MY GOD!" I screamed in the dude's ear. "Don't make me ruin the governments gift." he scolded me.
I headed off, flew down the highway, and I checked the tracker... only 100 miles left!
When I was 20 miles away from them the tracker said "New Contact... Add?"
"Add." I replied. A new person was added to my map. Agent 126. Hm. Wonder who that is.
I was following the car now. We passed CCS again instead we went towards a warehouse. They got out of their Honda Accord and I got off my Ducati. So we went inside and right after I got inside I passed the security guard and I was mauled, tied down and gagged. "We was waiting for you to join us kid." the man said with a smirk.
I started wiggling and the rope started burning my hands. "Ow." I said.
"Quit squirming runt." the big guy said.
"It hurts," I muttered "can you loosen them just a little?"
"Nope," he stated, "Boss says you and the girl is too dangerous to let go."
"But look at us... She is just a girl and well im only 18!" I retorted.
That loosened him. "well just a little... the girl won't need them I suppose..."
He loosened them up. She winked... I nodded. Then, five seconds later I turn around and I hear... CRACK! "Ouch." I muttered. He fell to the floor like a ragdoll, dragged me down too.
We were running into a nearby mall then we ran into the Golden Arrow shoe store. She smiled the whole way.
"What is your name?" I whispered.
"Alice." she told me, "What about you?"
"My name is Jacob. Just started College."
"Nice... Ready?" she asked.
"Ready for what?"
"To head over to HQ."
She picked up her phone and mumbled some stuff. "Come on.” she told me. So I followed…

The author's comments:
I was inspired by the fact that this college is surrounded by barbed wire, has a beautiful interior, and has a police station across the street that is of no help. While I was at the college a guy came up to our window while we were in the drive-thru window and attacked me and my family.

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