More Fear

August 11, 2011
School has finally ended. Today is the first day of summer camp. And I can’t wait to meet my best friend, Liza, there. I hop out of my mom’s car, saying a quick goodbye, before I run into the intense rays of the sun. I feel myself heating up as I make my way to the welcoming shade of the trees. I make it, and wave to Liza, skipping over to her.
“Hey Liza!”
“Hey Cami, how’s it going?”
“Good, but way too hot. Wanna go inside for a bit?”
“Yeah, definitely,” she says, taking my hand, leading me into the air-conditioned maze of halls. Still holding onto my hand, she pulls me left.
“Um, Liza, where are we going?”
“You’ll see,” she replies.
“We’d better not make a right!” We make a right.
“We had better not go straight now!” We go left now. She half drags me through the door of the auditorium. When I see what’s inside I frantically try to wriggle out of her grasp. It doesn’t work. I haven’t given up the fight yet though. This time, I just go slack-- dead weight in her arms-- and we both fall to the floor. Dang it! She still has me! Just then, the guidance counselor comes in. Mrs. Brightside. More like Mrs. Come-to-the-Darkside. She walks to the center of the room, to the dreaded item.
“We’re doing this to help you, Cami,” she says before pushing “play” on the boom-box. Silence, and then Usher’s “More” plays, full blast. I shriek, and squirm around. Liza and Mrs. B. start singing, softly. Liza releases me, and stands up. I get up slowly. I stop shrieking. I just stand, and listen. Soon enough, the song is over. No one says a word. Liza and Mrs. B. stare at me expectantly, and I glare back.
“Well, play it again,” I finally spit out. They both cheer, turn on “More”, and we all dance.

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