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August 10, 2011
By Pokoh BRONZE, St.Thomas, Other
Pokoh BRONZE, St.Thomas, Other
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My mother once told me a story about a woman. This story always stood out in particular to me. Lily Richardson had always been an attractive woman at the age of 12 she had won her first pageant, for her local school. By the time she was in high school, she was known to be one of the most attractive and popular girls, which is why there was no surprise when she became Class President. However there was always a price behind her apparent beauty. Hours spent in the beauty salon with various piecesof horse and human hair, dollars wasted at the nail salon every week, and a need to always stay in current fashion would be a task on any other person. But to Lily it was just her life and seemed like no big deal to her. She designed herself to attract, even if she knew not.

When her friends would ask her “Where’d you get that t-shirt?” she’d always answer with a smile and give them a mysterious answer for fear of them getting a copy of it “Out of town.” or “I ordered it.”

Additionally attention was easier for her to gather, as she was very popular with both the boys and the girls. So when she graduated at her high school and although with no other honors besides being President of her class the future of going to a good University was slim for her, but it was with luck or more like the people that she knew a job at a local 4 star hotel was offered to her. She was offered the position of being a Public Relations Officer for the hotel, a perfect job for someone with such charisma as herself.
Life went well for some time, of course money wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worse. Lily still had a thing for maintaining her appearance, so when her boss Mr. Stevens began to flirt with her she was flustered, but slowly flirted back with him.

Mr. Stevens, fully named Jeffrey Stevens was like any other man of notable power. In high School he had done exceptionally well for himself, an honor student that was well acquainted with people in his local town. He bought the land for his hotel when he was only 22 years of age, a choice that seemed as a waste from his family’s point of view. But young Jeffrey had dreams; his hotel first began as a little inn where tourists would stay only if nothing else was open. But as time went business picked up improvements were made. In that time Stevens married and had three children with his wife. But as time went he felt less attraction to his wife, and more attracted to the new young PRO he had hired on a friends recommendations.

Lily knew of her bosses, family and his wife but it felt so exciting to her. It was not long that the two were discreetly dating. They’d first started going to out of town inns feinting it as a travel trip, it was nothing to suspect. Still the rumors began to spread as they do in every community.

Ms. Philips a lady of no less than 50 decades is perhaps not the author of the rumor but she was one of the biggest publishers for it. She was very experienced in her job expertise, as a human tabloid. She created rumors for people like the mayors supposed affair with his wife’s sister, and the bishop’s apparent god fathering of multiple women’s children. If she was tasked with it she could probably start a rumor of everyone in a 50 mile radius no matter how clean they seemed. So it was no surprise when she began to tell people about an affair between Lily and Mr. Stevens. The town people took knowledge of it but gave it no heed, everyone besides Mrs. Stevens.

Mrs. Stevens was a typical old lady, kind to those younger than her but serious and experienced when needed. She loved each of her children alike with only slight differences as there naturally are in such relationships. She knew that things had drastically changed from when she was young between her husband and herself. For one she wasn’t as attractive as when she was younger nor was she as active in bed as she was younger. But such things were natural in relationships, she felt it was too late to find anyone else and thus for that reason stayed with him. Besides that their little home was directly on the hotels property, and if she was ever to leave him she would get nothing because of the document she had signed before marring him. So with that in mind she was very alarmed at the rumors, between Lily and Mr. Stevens and begun to keep a watch on Lily and her husband
Too Mrs. Stevens it seemed as if Mr. Steven was paying much less attention to her and instead would spend more time in Lily’s new office “chatting” with her. The rumors only got worse, and Mrs. Stevens had it. After Mr. Stevens’s next “business trip” with Lily, Mrs. Stevens confronted him.

Her questions seemed to only strengthen Mr. Stevens’ quite resolve. While on his last trip he again felt the spark of something he had felt with no other being besides Lily in the last 50 years of his life. He was happy and felt alive again, as young as he had been those decades ago. He had quietly whispered in Lily’s ears, those three words that often mean so little when said ,”I love you.” but he had meant it this time and resolved to be with her publicly from now on else. He lusted for Lily in more than a sexual way he wanted her only for himself forever. And with delight that notion slowly started to control his mind.

As the months passed it was soon put officially that the two Stevens were legally divorced and Lily and Mr. Stevens promulgated themselves as a couple. Which really endorsed Ms. Philips business, people now believed her twice as much. Lily soon became Mrs. Stevens as Mr. Steven had promised that he would forever love her and she would forever be his own.

Now I don’t know if all of this quite went down exactly like how imagined it but Mr. Stevens did divorce his wife for Lily. The two lived happily but they had no children. When Mr. Steven finally died the entire hotel was giving to Lily who was still young at the time, with only one condition if she is ever to marry or be with another man, the hotel and their home would be given and split between his children.

Today Lily still lives in that hotel, my mother and I take visits there once every year. Everyone knows the terms of her living and owning the hotel. I can’t figure if the hotel should really be called a hotel, it looks as if it hasn’t been upgraded in years. I can’t deem how her life is as people often show their emotions in the way they care for something. So I wonder if she is falling apart like the hotel is, or maybe she is just cheap. But I can deem this:

He wanted her to be his forever…

The author's comments:
Well my mother really did tell me this story, however I just added the characters bio and the way it happened. All I do really know that some lady according to my mother was left with the hotel we vacation in each year. But she inherited it from a man who's only condition for her to keep it was for her to stay single. This story is just a painting of how it happened.

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