Waking Up

August 29, 2011
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I was awaken by my heart pounding and was gasping for air. I had an awful night mare. And it wasn’t the only one I have been having. Every night I am awoken by the terrifying sounds of life, being ripped from peoples souls. The crying, then screaming, then gasping.. Silence. How did I end up here? In this place? I move my arm to check the date, April 21, 2009? But.. wasn’t yesterday the 19th? I hear beeping and my doors open to doctors swarming around me. I look down, my arms are bandaged and there is an IV in one. How did this happen? Did.. Did I really do it? But it was all a dream, wasn’t it? I shake my head in disbelief, no. this is real life. This really happened… I want to go home. Forget all about this. No I don’t! going home to an abusive family that wants me to die, I would rather die. I close my eyes, hoping to never wake up.

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