Never Again

August 31, 2011
It happened about a month or two ago but my councilor thought it would help me to write it down.
Let's start a week before the incident. "Hurry up! You'll be late for school!" shouted my mom from the kitchen as I quickly dressed into my black, AC DC shirt. Just as I was leaving I forgot my iPod. It was forbidden at school but, whatever. “Don’t forget me, big brother!” I was frustrated at the squeaky voice of my little brother. I called him Freckles because he was the only one in the family with freckles.
We were at the bus stop when I saw a beautiful girl across the street with heavenly eyes, grey as thunderclouds. She crossed the street and as she got closer I could smell a rosy smell coming from her silky hair. “Do you have something to write with?” asked her blood-red lips. “Y-yes” I answered stupidly. “2553-2700” she said. I saw her leave, and as I stared at her back she left with her rosy smell. “Why did she give you that number?” asked Freckles, “Is she in your math class?” “No squirm.” “Ughh, you’re so dumb.”
I saw her again at school. I was having lunch and some smokes at the back of the school with my friends. I winked at her and she answered with a smile. “What the heck do girls talk about, mate?” asked Josh, a kid who was held back like two years. The bell rang so I ignored the question.
“How was school today?” asked my brother’s mom. “Fine.” I said as I stormed into my room because I didn’t want her to smell me. “Can you please turn the volume down, big brother?” asked Freckles. “No! Now get out of my room!” I barked. I just didn’t know I would soonregrett that.

We were in the usual bus stop, this time, the girl wasn’t there. She was late. I heard some honking and as I turned around it was too late. I heard a loud THUD! I realized I was on the floor. I felt the hard, jagged gravel on the back of my head. I noticed an ocean of blood, and I couldn’t feel my left arm. I realized it was the source of the blood. When I looked up the sun blared in my eyes so I looked away. The jerking hurt my head as if it had been struck by lightning. I saw some sandals and some feet I recognized. It was the girl, trying to revive someone next to me. “Come on! Don’t do this! You’re just too young!” she shrieked. I heard her scream thunder when I saw a hand drop down to the hard gravel. I noticed another pool of blood and a face. It was strange, the face had freckles. Never again. Never again would I treat family that way.

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RudyMakarov said...
Sept. 4, 2011 at 9:04 am
My first!!!!!!!!!!!!
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