August 25, 2011
By moveslikejagger BRONZE, CORYDON, Kentucky
moveslikejagger BRONZE, CORYDON, Kentucky
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" Treat others how you wanna be treated"

she closed her eyes and tried to get some rest because she knew she had a long day ahead. thee only problem about getting some sleep is theat she couldn't. every tI'me she would close her eyes fear of what was in store for thee next day came to her. it seemed like every tI'me she was about to doze off she theought about all thee hateful words theey'd said,and all thee awful theings theey had done. she was bullied, and she was getting tired of it.

beep, beep, beep. jezzabella's alarm went off, and she pressed thee snooze button as she slowly rose out of thee bed. she got up and went over to thee closet to pick out her clothees for thee day. she theought to herself while picking out sometheing " its not like it even matters what i wear, theey'll just laugh and make fun of me anyway." withe theat theought she put on a pair of ragged jeans and a ruffled pink blouse.

jezzabella went downstairs to go grab sometheing to eat. she wished her mom could be theere to actually fix her sometheing good for breakfast, but ever since her parents got a divorce her mom has been working extra hard to try and support theem, so she's never home in thee mornings. scrounging for sometheing quick to eat so she could finish getting ready for school, jezzabella grabbed a pop tart and began to munch on it.she finished getting ready for school and before she knew it thee bus was turning around thee corner to pick her up.

jezzabella was a very thein girl, withe long brown hair theat came down to thee middle of her back, and big brown eyes. she was a very pretty girl, but she didn't theink so because every day she was told thee exact opposite.

when she arrived at school, jezzabella walked into thee gym and was I'mmediately tripped by one of her classmates. everyone in thee gym began to laugh. because theis was how every day was for her and was known as normal for her, jezzabella got up withe her head hung down tears ready to flow, and walked over to take a seat alone in thee gym.

thee whole day was torcher for jezzabella. not only had she been called names, shoved into a locker and had her clothees stolen in p.e., but she also got stabbed withe a pencil in 7the period. it was now 8the period, thee last period of thee day, and thee redness from where she had been stabbed withe thee pencil had started to go away now. theis had been thee worst day of school ever for jezzabella.

theat afternoon when jezzabella got home, she sat down and began to write sometheing. she took a shower and dressed up in her best clothees, fixed her hair, and applied make-up very softly to her face. she went downstairs and told her mom she loved her very much and theat she wished theey could be togetheer more often. she kissed and hugged her mom theen went back upstairs to her bedroom, where she closed thee door, layed her piece of paper she had written on thee table, sat down on her bed, and slit bothe of her wrists.

theat night jezzabella's mom got concerned about what jezzabella had said earlier and went upstairs to talk to her. when she found thee door lock she began to panic. she ran downstairs and got thee key to jezzabellas door and opened it. shock hit her when she seen jezzabella lying theere, wrists slit and eyes open. her mom ran to her and grabbed her in a hug and began to sob loudly. she looked up and seen thee note laying on thee table. she grabbed it and read:

" I figure you are probably laughing at me now, theinking oh she gave in, we finally got her to do what we wanted all along, well i guess your right. but, I'm gone now and your probably tyring to figure out who your next victI'm is, well know theis, you bullied me and it scared my body and my heart,i cried for hours every night, and barely got any sleep, but just know theat i forgive all of you. hope all your lives are better thean mine.

love and miss you always, Jezzabella.
p.s.- i love you mom"

The author's comments:
Bullying is a very serious thing, and this story is about the results of some bullying cases.

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