Diary of a Psycho - Uncovered 7/08/11

August 26, 2011
By Anonymous_Me DIAMOND, Marble Hill, Missouri
Anonymous_Me DIAMOND, Marble Hill, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is but a walking shadow."

~Shakespeare (Macbeth)

Airianna just HAD to show Harley my cuts. She said, ''Let her seeeee...''
''No!'' I said, and grabbed my sleeve so she couldn't roll it up.
''Yes!'' Airianna demanded, and grabbed my hand to try and pull it off my wrist.
''Ow! You're rubbing my wrist raw!'' I shouted.
''Well, if you want me to stop, let go!''
I bit Airianna's hand, and she bit my shoulder.
''OW!'' I screamed as her teeth dug in hard.
''Then let go!''
''Fine.'' I stopped biting her hand and let go of my wrist.

''Now, Harley, come here.'' Airianna showed her my cuts.
''Amy?'' Harley asked. ''Who's that?''
''Lead singer of her favorite band, Evanescence,'' Airianna explained.
''Oh. And how does this help explain how she's more perverted than any of us?'' Harley asked, confused.
''You'll see. She's got this journal-''
''Oh, H*ll no! I am NOT showing anyone that thing!'' I cut her off before she could say more.
''Yes, you are.'' Airianna gave me 'The Look'.
''Or what?'' I asked, daring her to do something insane if I still refused.
''Or I'll... I'll... I'll tell the whole school you like John Keagle!'' Airianna declared.
My eyes widened in shock. ''You wouldn't dare!''
''Oh yes I would!''
I leaned back in my chair. ''Hmph. They'll know it's not true anyways.''
''But still... There'd be plenty of rumors to go around...'' Airianna's eyebrows went up and down a few times, like they did whenever she was thinking of something disgusting or perverted.
I sighed.
''Fine. I'll be back with my journal on Monday,'' I said, putting tons of emphasis on 'Monday'.

I can NOT believe I gave in!
So what if the whole school thinks I'm a freak who likes the weirdest, smelliest kid in school? It's better than them knowing the truth!

So, this morning I opened my locker to put my backpack in there.
Remember how Harley [the guy one] told me that Kayne said I was hot?
Well, my locker smelled like Axe.
Men's. Cologne.
What. The. H*ll.

I honestly think that Kayne sprayed his freaking deodorant IN my LOCKER.
Also, I think it's kinda creepy.
Now I know how Zach felt when he found all that stuff in his locker...
At least I didn't make his whole locker smell like me, though!

-very long drawn out frustrated sigh-
Why meeeee?

Speaking of love and other related things...
I slept with my Evanescence CD last night. Fallen was SO EPIC...
My mom came in to wake me up this morning, and she saw my face pressed up against the case.
She tried to take it away, but I tugged it back and layed on top of it.
''Nooo, MY Amy...'' I muttered.
''MY Amy... You can't have her...''
''Kristen? You need to get out of bed right now and get you butt ready for school.'' Mom put her hands on her hip and cocked her head.
''MY Amy!'' I sleepily shouted.
She grabbed my ankles and dragged me out of bed, turned off the fan and turned on the lights.
''Why are you sleeping with a CD case and won't let go of it?'' she asked.
''Because...'' I muttered, still half asleep, ''...she's MY Amy and you can't have her.''
''Why can't I have her?'' Mom was determined to find out what was going on with this CD.
''Because we're married and YOU CAN'T HAVE HER!'' I shouted, still not fully awake yet.
''Are you even awake?''
''What?'' I asked, now entirely awake.
''You just tried to tell me you were married to a CD,'' Mom said flatly.
''Did I?''
''Oh. I must've still been asleep.'' I knew that sounded lame, but it was the truth... And I wasn't married to the CD. I tried to tell her I wanted to marry Amy. Thank God I really WAS still half asleep.
''Yeah, I figured,'' Mom said. ''Now get dressed, you're going to be late.''

So what happens when we go to Holiday World in a few days? They don't make long-sleeved swimsuits. And if I refuse to swim...
Then what would be the point of even going?
I have a very limited amount of time before my life gets really screwed up.
And I mean REALLY insane.

Oh no.


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