August 23, 2011
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The cool night breeze felt good running through my hair. The soft music of crickets was interrupted only by the click-click-click of my bike wheels spinning. I looked up at the never-ending sky, filled with stars shining down upon this quiet night. All of the lights in the houses were off, and the trees rustled slightly as I swiftly rode past. I let go of the handlebars for just a moment, moving wisps of hair from my mouth, but grabbed back on again to gain control. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stay like that for long. But this was what I loved the most, to ride through the streets on my dad’s old bike, care-free and limitless. My body got jostled up and down as I went past the road and crossed over onto the park. I heard a soft tinkling from the fountain up ahead, and after a few minutes of rough terrain, I was back on the open road. Nothing could disrupt this peaceful feeling, I thought, as I rode smoothly through my home. I felt a surge of excitement as I sped down a hill. Okay, except for that! But maybe tonight is the night….I grasped the handlebars tight and pedaled as fast as I could I mustered up all my courage, and in a moment, I let go. I put my arms out and closed my eyes, trusting my feet alone to keep me going straight. I took in a deep, long breath…..I, on this beautiful night, am invincible.

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