Not Without A Knife

August 19, 2011
By KaiyaJ GOLD, Ben Lomond, California
KaiyaJ GOLD, Ben Lomond, California
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I was walking down the street on my way to work. It was a busy day that day, but everyday there’s one street I walk down to take the short way to work and that street is almost always empty. It’s that kind of street that scares you just by looking at it. That’s why I always have my pocketknife and mace with me. And usually since I have them I’m not to scared to go down that street. But today it felt weird. Like I shouldn’t go down the street. Maybe it was because someone stole my purse the other day. I had chased after him but I couldn’t keep up. Latter I had found my purse with everything in it. And I thought it was really strange because normally when someone takes your purse its because they want your wallet. But he didn’t take anything. Latter that day when I was empting out my purse I realized that he took my mace and my pocketknife. I was so upset because I didn’t have the chance to go get a new one because it was late and I needed to sleep before I went to work the next day.
This morning went well but I was in a rush out because I was running late. And it wasn’t tell I got to this street that I remembered that I don’t have my mace or knife. That’s why it feels weird. I knew that I shouldn’t go down the street but since I was running late I had to. See with my boss if I was even one minute late she should fire me on the spot. And I couldn’t lose this job. So I gritted my teeth, took a deep breath and started walking. Everything was going pretty well, but I still felt weird so I was going to run the rest of the way. But before I was able to do that someone grabbed me from behind and covered my eyes with something but before I was able to scream he covered my mouth. He dragged me to the side and I was pined on the ground unable to move. I could hear another guy unzipping his pants. I was finally able to get my legs free and I kicked the guy in front of me as hard as I could. I guess I must have kicked him hard cause oh boy was he angry; because once he was able to get up he started beating me.

I tried my best to get away, to get out of the other guys grip. But with each kick and punch that the guy was blowing at me I was slowly losing my strength to move. After a little bit I couldn’t move anymore, I was in too much pain. And I heard the zipper unzipping again. I tried to stop him; I tried so hard. I tried screaming as well but I could barley breathe let alone scream. I remember the pain as he was doing what he wanted on me, and I remember wishing that I had my knife. After so much struggling to get away I couldn’t move at all. I felt like I was just letting him take advantage of me. But then I'd feel the pain and remember how much I fought. It felt like he would never stop but all of a sudden he stop and the two guys ran. I struggled trying to put on my pants as fast as I could. I dint know why they stopped but I was just so gladded that he did. It was taking me forever to get my pants back on but finally I was able to do it. My whole body ached with pain. And I think I was bleeding in a few areas too. I heard someone come close to me and I tried to get away thinking it was the two guys coming back for more. I hadn’t yet taking off the blindfold cause I wasn’t ready to see what they did to me. But as the person was coming closer he was speaking in a really soft tone and I could tell it wasn’t the two guys, but I was still cautious. Next thing I knew he had taking off the blind fold. I turned my head away cause I didn’t want to see his face looking at my beaten body. He told me that the cops where on their way and the ambulance as well. I asked about the two guys and what happened to them, he said that he had cops sneak up on them and that they more then likely where caught. I didn’t want to talk anymore because it hurt too much. So I sat there with the guy tell the ambulance came. When they did I thanked him for being so kind and I looked at him to show my thanks. When I saw his face I new right away who it was. He told me he would come visit me in a little bit after he told my work what happened. I tried to give him a smile but it hurt to much, he smiled and said he’d come see me soon and not to worry because I would be okay. While I was on my way to the hospital I couldn’t think of anything else but him. I never thought I would see him again. Even though I was going through all this pain, I was happy because he was back. I told myself that I would never let him out of my arms again.

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