With Him By My Side

August 9, 2011
By ExplicitRainstorms SILVER, Long Beach, California
ExplicitRainstorms SILVER, Long Beach, California
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When I feel overwhelmed with the stress that unfortunately comes with life, I always go to the beach. The misty sea-foam air and salty aroma always seems to help sort through my thoughts. The lightly tanned sand allows me to comfortably bury my feet; along with my sorrows and worries. As I admire and gaze into the deep blue ocean, I begin to hear it calling to me… inviting me to drown myself in its serene waters while I search for the answers that I long to know. But suddenly, an unexpected crashing wave pulls me under the surface, into the dark mysterious sea. My thoughts – wrestling - as I become more and more disoriented. And just when I’m about to give up hope and forget the meaning of faith, I feel a warm comforting hand grab mine. As we slowly float to the surface with His hand guiding me, everything starts becoming clear. I realize that my best friend has just saved my life, once again. And as we sit side by side, together, on that beach…catching up, laughing, and reminiscing…I remember that He never actually left my side, and smile… remembering that He never will.

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