Andy Miller

August 4, 2011
By Anonymous

Andy miller was a boy who had many different dreams. With his good looks, perfect hair, charming smile and intelligence it seemed as though he could do anything. So with that thought in mind he thought it kind to put himself on screen.

He then told everyone about his dream to be the newest actor seen on screen. But after hearing so they laughed, for they did not think it true. But he ignored what the people said and he here by declared that though they may not think it true, he will indeed see it through.

As the years went by Andy grew and grew. He had turned into a man of honesty, determination and strong loyal views. He continued to try his beast to seek out his quest but even though things were moving rather slow he didn’t want to give up his dream to become the most talented actor seen on screen.

But then one day the sun shone bright and the cloudy skies disappeared. To his surprise a sudden stroke of luck appeared! He had an idea that would help him with his career. He would move to Hollywood were dreams usually did come true. And so he packed his bags and ventured off towards the movie land.

When he arrived he was amazed by all the stunning lights. For once in his entire life he could finally see that his dream was indeed becoming reality. As time went by his face was known by nearly everyone. He had everything that an actor could posses including love and passion. He knew that this was real, this was it and so he poured his heart out into every film and skit. Acting was his entire life, until one day he decided that he needed a wife.

He wanted to search all over the world for that perfect girl. It would take some time but he didn’t care because that was all on his mind. Then after a few months he found the one for him. Since then things stopped looking so grim. With eyes so bright and hair so fair he fell in love right then and there. When he asked her for her hand and he was indeed oh so glad.

He went back home to Italy with Mellissa by his side and the good news they did not hide. They told his friends and family too that all his dreams had finally come true. His career was sky high and he had a lovely woman with him at all times. They were very pleased with this happy news and they could not wait to hear them say ‘I do’.

There was no time to waste so they all started making plans in great haste. By the time they were done a month had already passed. Andy got married and everyone had a blast. He settled down in Italy had kids called Johnny Marry and Susan (they were only three). As the years went by Andy and his family grew. His kids moved away and started a new. Him and his wife enjoyed their golden years, they lived as one with barley any tears.

Now Unfortunately I must end this story here because as sad as this may be, Andy and his wife both died at a ripe old age of a 103.

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