What is Age?

August 6, 2011
Oh god, what’s today? Tuesday! S***, I have math tutoring and I look like crap. I didn’t even fix my hair today I woke up late; it’s just down in its natural waves. I hate my hair, its crazy waves and dirt-color makes me shiver. Why, oh, why does Mr. Andrews have to be so cute? I know that he’s older but I don’t really care. Anyway, what is age? It’s just a number, right? Doesn’t matter, anyway. He’ll never like me, a “child.” Why must life be so complicated? I hear a bell ring and snap back to reality. Fantastic, 3:00. Time to completely humiliate myself. I’m about to walk out the classroom door when I hear my best friend, Sara, calling my name. “Hey, wait-up, Aly! I have tutoring TOO, you know.” Oh, I forgot she had the same class as me for 6th period. I press my hand to my forehead, “Oh yea, sorry. I’m just too distracted. I just want to get this day over with. I have a major headache,” I lied. She has NO IDEA that I like him, but why would I tell her anyway? She would only think I’m a whore, we joke about girls who flirt with their teacher to get a good grade a lot. Only I don’t want a good grade, I want him. Sara and I get to his classroom and wait for him to open the door. I begin talking about my ex-boyfriend, secretly hoping that Mr. Andrews will get jealous as soon as he hears us talking. The door opens and all I really see is his big, brown eyes, “Welcome, Aly……..Sara. Come on in.” Damn, did he have to include Sara? I walk quickly to my seat that’s in the front and right behind Sara so she doesn’t suspect anything. It’s only me, Sara, and two other kids today. He walks to his seat in front of the projector and fiddles with his iPhone. “Anyone like Kings of Leon?” he asks. I say yes even though I have no absolute idea who they are. Sara turns to look at me but I pretend I don’t see her looking and begin on my worksheet. I finish before anyone else, I’m actually good at math I just hate my actual math teacher. I turn it in; he corrects it and smiles while my heart rate speeds up. “Excellent. 100%” I nod and pull on my sleeves to my sweater. I look over at Sara’s paper and she’s on the last problem. Thank god, I could talk to her for the rest of tutoring and pretend like I’m not completely head over heels for the tutor. We talk more about my ex and she says “Why do you care?” I feel hurt all over. “Okay, bye you guys. See you Monday,” Mr. Andrews says. I speed-walk out of the classroom and don’t look back. I hate my heart.

Tuesday, it’s Tuesday? Yes! Finally! It’s the only day of the week I actually look forward to in my work-life. I don’t know what it is about her, nope scratch that. It’s everything. It’s her long light brown hair, it’s her perfect figure, it’s her voice, it’s her beautiful brown eyes almost hidden by her glasses, it’s everything her. Yes, I’m her math tutor and we’re years apart but what does it matter? What is age? It’s a stupid number trying to get in the way of everything. Why does Alyssa have to be so beautiful? The stupid school bell goes off and I dismiss the class. I stay at my seat in front of the projector, just waiting. I finally see her outside of my classroom talking with her friend (Suzie? Samantha? Karen?) I go to the door and listen to their conversation, I hear Aly say, “I think he still likes me, I mean he texts me every night and even said he wishes that I’d never broken up with him…” I stop listening, my heart hurts too much. I quickly open the door to stop their conversation. Not knowing what I’m doing I say, “Welcome, Aly,” s*** I have to say her friend too suspicion will rise, what was her name? “Sara. Come on in,” I say hoping I’m right. They both walk in, but as Aly walks in all I can see is her big, brown eyes. I go to my seat, grab my iPhone and quickly find the Pandora app; I look at the first artist on my playlist. Kings of Leon, I don’t really like them but I ask if I anyone likes them to see if she does. She says yes and I quickly press play. I glance at her as she quickly works on her worksheet, it’s like nothing can break her concentration. She’s so good at math I wonder why she’s even required to come to tutoring. I’m still looking as she puts a loose strand of hair behind her ear. Why does life have to be so complicated? She looks up and I quickly look away she brings up her paper. 100% as usual. “Excellent. 100%,” I say with a smile. Oh god, did that sound flirtatious? I’ve gotta stop getting all nervous in front of her. She nods and goes back to her desk. I pretend to be completely interested in my iPhone. I look up a few minutes later and she’s talking to her friend again. I try to listen in without making it obvious. I hear Aly say, “He has a new girlfriend now and he shouldn’t be saying he loves me.” I hear my heart crack a little. I frown and look down until I hear her friend say kind of loud, “Why do you care?” I’m certain both Aly’s and my mouths drop at the same time. I’m quick to save Aly from feeling completely broken, “Okay, bye you guys. See you Monday.” Aly walks out as fast as the wind and I could still see her brown hair as she passes my window. Now Sara is still sitting her chair completely shocked until I say, “Get out. Now.” Now, I seem all overprotective. I hate my heart.

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