Kiki's Story

August 3, 2011
Day One

I couldn’t believe it. Shou took me to my first illegal street race! The scene of it all was very thrilling. Tokyo in the background, decked out cars racing at top speed.

“Hey, Kiki! How’s my sexy girl enjoying the race?” asked Shou excitedly. I smiled. I hadn’t seen him all day.

“Well I’d absolutely love it if you wouldn’t call me lover names,” I complained playfully.

“I would stop, but then…hey wait a minute. Are those...are those police sirens!”

I felt cold as Antarctica as I listened. Those definitely were sirens. If the cops caught us, then it would be game over for everyone.

“Cops! Everybody flee!” I yelled.

Shou grabbed me by my elbow and started running towards the heart of Shinjuku*. My heart was pounding loudly, and everything seemed to move in slow motion.

“Shou, where the hell are we going?! The safe-house is the other way!” I looked around, thinking I had said that too loud.

“The train station. We need to take the Shinkansen* to Osaka right now.”

“Osaka!? Shou, what are we going to do there? We have no money, no friends, and nowhere to stay!”

“Relax Kiki; I’ve got plenty of earnings from my inheritance. We have a place, my family house of still there, I locked up after I murdered my parents, remember? If you love me like you say you do, then you would trust me.
Day Two

We arrived in Osaka within the house. Shou lead me down the street and stopped in front of a worn down house.

“Sure has been a while since I last came here. Had some bad memories here. Real bad memories.”

“Ew, disgusting. You didn’t tell me you lived in a bug infested shack,” I moaned as we walked in the front door.

An unfamiliar look of hatred cross Shou’s face. I looked at him, being scared. Next thing I know, Shou slaps me.

“How dare you! I invite you over to my house, and you insult it! I could’ve let you go to jail today! What, my charity not good enough for you now!” Shou yelled.

I started to cry as he tied me to the table, and locked the door before he fell asleep. I waited an hour before untying Shou’s sloppy and not to mention loose knots from around my wrists.

After I was free, I found my way over to the front room. It was dark, my only light being from oncoming trains. I was almost to the door, when I tripped over something. I knew it was certain to wake up Shou, so I had to make my escape quickly. Just as I was to the door, Shou walked into the room.

“Tryin’ to escape? If you go now, they’ll recognize you as the missing Sakura Kobayashi aka Kiki. Don’t you want to stay with me and be safe?”

“No. Not if you are going to hurt me...”

“Wrong answer, Kiki!” yelled Shou as he slapped me again. “Now, beautiful, you will stay here with me.”
Day Three

It was the third day of my captivity. I was hungry, homesick, and bruised severely. My “perfect boyfriend” just turned out to be another mafia member. It was then that I had a great idea; go out, buy a train ticket, and return home.

I opened the door quickly and ran towards the Shinkansen ticket vendor.

“Run. Run foolish girl!” I thought to myself.

Someone caught me by my waist. I was so close…My disappointment was as heavy as a ton of bricks.

“What am I going to do with you? You’re trying to get away from me! You are such a stupid little girl!” shouted Shou when he carried me back.

“Don’t say anything,” I thought.

“Whatever, don’t talk. I’m taking a nap. Don’t think you can escape again.”

One hour later, Shou was still taking his nap. It wasn’t until then that I realized I still had my cell phone. Quickly and quietly, I got out my purse and dialed the Osaka Emergency Hotline.

“Osaka emergency. Please state your emergency and location,” said the operator.

“I’m the missing child, Sakura Kobayashi. I’m being held against my will by a mafia member named Shou. Trace this signal; I have no idea where I am or how much time I’ve got. Please…just help me.”

“Help is on the way, young lady.”

“What are you doing!? Who the hell did you just call!? Give me that phone NOW!!” Shou shouted and hit me harder than ever.

“Leave me alone…” I managed to say before drifting into unconsciousness.
Day Four

I woke up in a hospital bed with my sister, Matsuri sitting next to me. When I opened my eyes, Matsuri jumped up and I flinched.

“No...Don’t hurt me…” I whined.

“Sakura, I would never harm you…” Matsuri soothed.

I realized where I was and said, “Matsuri, I don’t want to be like this anymore.”

And then I fell back asleep.
Day Five

My face hurt, but it was okay. I was safe again, and Shou was sent to prison. After I returned home, I threw away all of my mafia paraphernalia, and went back to school. I never saw Shou again.

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