Chasing Hope

July 30, 2011
By MVanden BRONZE, Bend, Oregon
MVanden BRONZE, Bend, Oregon
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Ablaze, the trees crash to the ground. I am running, I will never stop. There must be refuge from this hole of he**. And I will not look back, for to see the world as it is today would be only the trees, the earth… the flame. No escape. Long before this time the riots of crazed civilians have pillaged the earth of humanity. With my narrow gaze centered on the ever present darkness ahead, I barley saw what appeared for a brief moment to be a glimmer of light. I stopped. The sparkle reappeared, I drew near and reached out to it. Wetness, A drop came off my finger. It was not blood… but water. Its purity reflected the sinister flame in a beautiful sparkle. I tasted the substance, it has been decades since humans have lived off such a natural resource. It was dirty with the filth of man yet contained life itself. I heard voices behind me. I needed to run, although they would not hurt me, they would burn everything around me. Nature had become mans enemy. Nature-it was found- could control, so man set out to extinguish the threat. No one dares stand against revolution, even if it destroys. I drew to my feet, and ran beside the water. I saw nothing but the fire and looked for nothing but the reflection of it on the water. Running, running, running, the glimmer stops. There is something blocking the water. My eyes follow the ample trickle till they meet the object of despair. Someone’s head is blocking the flow. I stood there… looking at him. his eyes flicker open and they rise slowly to mine. His body is stained red from the blood of his veins, and I can only stare. My pursuers are gaining ground. “Sir, the berserkers are coming, you must run”. He answered me in exasperated grunts, “If I run they will burn the earth, and if I die here they will pillage my soul, so I will accept my fate”. The voices were nearing, and my own is shaking, “you are blocking the water! You MUST get up!”, “When they find it, they will destroy it… we cannot protect it by running”. “No! we must keep running!” I heard them coming, “I NEED THE WATER!”. The man struggled for consciousness, “protect it then.”. My pursuers were almost here, I looked at the man as he closed his eyes to dye, I start to run. Before I was out of reach I heard a voice, “Nature is the hope of humanity.”. Paralyzed, I turned to the man. He was dead. The destroyers emerged. They see me, The man… The water. They will destroy it, the last thing I love, the last part of me. A man steps toward the water. They won’t exterminate it, they can’t suppress it, I NEED the water! In one act of courage I stood. The berserkers did not move. Then I scream, in desperation, in conviction, in truth. “You Cannot Touch That!”.

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