Switched at Birth

June 29, 2011
Switched at Birth

My name is Tiffany I’m 17. I just don’t seem to fit into my family. I’m bleach blonde and my parents and two sisters all have black hair. They are all boring, and I’m fun and outgoing. They have no idea at all how to match or have a sense of fashion... a sense of anything that is.
I have a sister that’s the same age as me. She is made fun of while I’m the most popular 10th grader in the school. I’m always sticking up for her because I know it’s hard for her. She isn’t the prettiest. I just don’t know what happened to me when I was born.
My friend Ashley should belong to my family, she has black hair while her parents are blonde. She can be really corny sometimes… just like my family. I guess she’s lucky she has her parents or she would’ve ended up like my sisters.
Lately I have been wondering if I was adopted and my parents are just afraid to tell me. I don’t think so. They have lots of pictures of me when I was a newborn. There’s something they aren’t telling me… or maybe they don’t know either.

“Mom, it’s okay. You can tell me I’m adopted… If I am.” I say while putting my stuff in my backpack. Mom looks at me with this face I’ve never seen before and says “Honey, you can ask all you want, but you’re not adopted.”
“But I have to be! I don’t fit into this family at all!! Ashley is the one that belongs here!!!” I say in between bites of a low calorie breakfast bar. “Sometimes genes just change. That’s how animals evolved from what was first here on earth.” Mom says.
“Oh don’t give me that earth cr*p, you know I suck at science and math… unlike everyone else in this family.” I say my temper rising. “You know I have anger issues so I wouldn’t push it mother.” After another 5 minutes I grab my backpack and head out the door to my bus stop.
“Heey! Want to go to the mall this afternoon? I just got my paycheck?” shouts Ashley as she’s jogging up to me. “I don’t know I’m already having a bad day, so it will probably just go down from here.”
“Oh… where’s Riley?” asks Ashley looking around. “She’s sick, so she’s staying home and Kira’s on break.” I say. “Oh yeah… she goes to one of those year round schools, that sucks” says Ashley.
Thanks for stating the obvious I want to say, but I know it will upset her. Like my family she gets upset easily, but like not angry just sad. “Yeah, well here comes the bus, if that little noob 9th grader is in the back seats I’m gonna go off on her. I have warned her so she can’t say anything.” I say trying to plan out what to say.
As we walk onto the bus I notice that there are two people in my seat… all h*ll is about to break loose. “HEY! You two, get off my seat!! I warned you Barbra but I don’t know who your little friend is, is she new? Well new kids aren’t welcome here, and neither are you. So get OFF!!” I scream my temper rising, my last nerve just decinigrated in thin air. I feel everybody’s eyes staring at me, I don’t care I’m used to it.
The bus lurches forward, so I steal the person’s jacket next to me and throw it over Barbra, and tell Ashley to do the same. I sit down. “Well, this seat is very lumpy, just like the twinkies Barbra likes to stuff herself with… isn’t that ironic everybody?” Everybody laughs, and I stand up and pull the jacket off and go “So um Barbra? Are you ready to get up now? I’m sure if you sit in the front you can get off first and run to the cafeteria and have your pick at the Fattest Twinkie in the school!”
“Your really mean!” shouts Barbra and her friend as she runs to the farthest open seat from the back. “You may sit Ashley” I say motioning to the now vacant seat.
“I’m glad you don’t hate me” Says Ashley, clearly startled from the scene. “How could i? I live with people exactly like you!” I say. “Lol, yeah… it’s like we got switched at birth!” she says making a joke.
But it hits me right in the heart. What if that’s true?


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