The Sacred Ink of Leah V

June 3, 2011
By itsmejeni SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
itsmejeni SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Hymns of Rock and Roll fill the air as well as the buzzing of needles and scents of ink. After hours of pain and anxiety for Leah, Tony looks up with excitement and proudly pronounces, "Finished! Kats going to love it!" Leah jumps up to look in the mirror. "Oh my God Tony! It's Beautiful!" she praises him with a hug. She gazes at the detailed tattoo, a portrait of Kat on her left shoulder, symbolically close to her heart. It clearly stands out from the rest of her muraled body. Tony interrupts Leah from thought, "so where is she now?" Leah replies, "I have no idea, I sent her with Eva to run some errands all around town. Just to make sure she doesn't stop by. You know Kat, even on her day off she's in the shop." "That’s true, so what are your plans for tonight? Anything special?" Tony wonders. "Well the new guy, Jeremy, starts today so I have to get him started. Then tonight I'm taking Kat to a concert. She's really excited about it. What about you and Angela, anything planned?" Leah asks. "Actually Angela left, for that one guy Steve." "THE CRAZY WALMART DUDE??" shouts Leah unbelievably. "Yeah, Lee, I'm lost without her." Tony grieves. "I can imagine. The thought of Kat leaving me would make me want to die." Leah sighs. "Yea, so hold onto her, you both are perfect for each other." advises Tony. Suddenly a tall man walks in. Tony whispers, "Is this- “Yup, told you he’s perfect for the job, you can tell just by his style he belongs here." Leah explains. Jeremy, about 6'1", with two inch gauges, a ten inch Mohawk and sleeves of tattoos, was one of the most talented tattoo artists Leah’s ever seen. "Hey Jeremy this is Tony, Tony this is Jeremy. You ready for your first day on the job?" "Of course, let's do this!" Jeremy smiles. As Leah shows Jeremy around the parlor they hear Kat walk in. “Quick hide!” Whispers Leah. From the piercing room they can hear Tony’s voice, trying to lure Kat to where Leah and Jeremy are hidden. “Come here, Leah’s got a present for you.” Hesitantly, Kat opens the door. “Close your eyes, I need to show you something.” Leah says in front of her as she pulls her sleeve, unveiling Kat’s gift. “Open your eyes” She smiles. The expression on Kat’s face said it all. Breaking down in tears, Kat gives Leah a hug and kiss. “You got it for me?” Kat manages to say. Leah nods. “That’s why I had Eva drag you around town. I didn't want you to ruin the surprise!” Leah smiles. “Kat this is Jeremy. He’s starting today. Me and Tony gotta go get some supplies and maybe grab a bite to eat later, mind showing Jeremy around?” “Not a problem!” Says Kat. “Okay thanks, I probably won’t come around here today so I’ll meet you at the apartment?” says Leah. Kat replies, “Sounds like a plan” Kat agrees. “Bye, love you.” “Love you too replies Leah. Kat and Tony sit at the front desk. “So you, Tony, and Leah are pretty tight, how long you guys known each other?” Jeremy wonders. “Since middle school eighth grade, so about twelve years. We’ve always dreamed of owning our own tattoo shop and now we have it so we’re extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished.” Kat shares with a grin. “That’s cool, so how long have you and Leah been together?” “Almost three years. Do you have anyone special?” “Naww, I’m waiting for the right one” Jeremy winks. “Well there’s someone out there for everyone” Kat says. “So where’d you learn how to draw so amazingly?” “My uncle taught me, he had a shop of his own before he died, it was my favorite place in the world. Jeremy explains. Hours fly by when Kat suddenly realizes the time. “Crap! It’s almost seven! I have to go I’ll see you tomorrow?” “See you here” Jeremy states. Kat comes in to find Leah getting ready. “You better hurry and get ready, I don't want to be late!” shouts Leah from the shower. “That Jeremy guy is pretty chill!” Kat yells as she puts on an outfit more appropriate for a concert; Black jeans, high heels, a leather studded jacket and some short leather half gloves. Leah goes just as star studding as Kat with ripped denim shorts, a studded belt, suspenders hanging down, a wife beater to show off her tattoo, and a fresh pair black Chucks. Combined they gave off a wonderful aroma of hairspray denim and leather. A few hours later the rebels come back exhausted. “I’m goin to bed, you stayin up?” Yawned Leah. “Um yea I'll be in bed in a bit, I’m gonna go on Facebook for a while.” “Alright then, night babe.” Mutters Leah half unconscious. As Kat logs on she notices a friend request, “Jeremy Taylor”. She adds him. Innocent little Jeremy...
Weeks go by and Jeremy and Kat become closer. One day, Jeremy notices Kat in the closet. He creeps up on her and she screams. “YOU JERK! You scared me!” “Aww, I’m sorry. Here, I’ll make it better.” Jeremy gives Kat a hug. He leans closer and they share a kiss. Kat pulls away, “what am I doing? I love Leah. NOT YOU! I’m so stupid! How can I hurt her?” “No. Don’t say that, Leah will never have to know. You and I are the only ones here.” He kisses her again. And again... A while later they hear someone. It’s Leah. Casually they come from the supply closet like nothing happened. Jeremy looked perfectly normal. Kat didn’t. “What’s wrong Kat you look like you seen a ghost!” laughs Leah. “No it’s nothing, I just don’t feel very good that’s all.” Kat mumbles. “Well you want me to take you home? You shouldn’t be working if you’re sick.” Worries Leah. “Leah, I’ll take her, besides you just got here. You might as well stay. Don’t worry Kat will be fine.” Promises Jeremy.”Alright well, call me if you need anything Kat. Go lay down and get some rest and I’ll be there as soon as I can.” As Kat and Jeremy get in the car Kat asks “Jeremy, what am I doing?” “Kat, I told you, she won’t find out.” Jeremy assures her. “No it’s not that. Jeremy I’m falling for you, that’s not supposed to happen. I’m supposed to be faithful to Leah.” Kat worries. “Well the heart wants what the heart wants. Maybe you’re just getting tired of Leah, you’ve been seeing her for the past three years and she still hasn’t proposed.” Jeremy states. “I guess you’re right.” Kat wasn’t sure but she just wanted to shut him up. Weeks come and go and Leah notices change. One night after dinner while watching a movie Leah gave Kat a kiss, Kat pulled away instantly. She tried holding her, but Kat was antsy. Finally Leah asks “what’s going on? Why are you acting so strange lately?” Kat doesn’t reply. “Kat answer me! What did I do?” After a few moments Kat whispers, “not you, me”. Leah waits with a confused expression as Kat continues. “I fell for Jeremy.” Heartbroken, Leah asks, “Why? What does he have that I can’t give you? What’s so important that you have to hurt me to get from him? I see how he treats women, how he flirts with every single girl that comes in for a piercing or a tattoo, he’s so manipulative. How long has this been going on?” Kat is speechless. After a second she answers, “remember that day I came home early because I didn’t look or feel good.” Leah begins to cry. “Katrina that was months ago! You’ve been seeing him since back then???” Kat simply replied, “I never thought you would find out.”
“Are you serious right now? That’s it, I’m gone. You can have that punk move in. He doesn’t have to sneak in anymore because we’re over.” Kat collapses, “NO! Leah please!” Leah holds her head high, “You made your choice. Obviously he treats you better than I do, so I’m out.” Leah packs her stuff and drives to Tony’s. He’s shocked by the whole situation. “Shall I fire them?” he asks. “No, I have an idea. I just have to wait a while for my plan to work out.” About a month later Jeremy moves in with Kat. One evening they hear a knock at the door. Kat opens it and is surprised to find Leah holding a box. “I brought this for you. It’s a cake. As an apology, I’m glad you guys are happy together” Kat says, “you don’t have to apologize, I’m the one who- “No” Leah interrupts. “I want to forgive and forget. Here have a piece of cake, both of you, I won’t leave until you try it” she smirks. “Alright then” Kat giggles. As they eat Leah sits back calm and content. All of a sudden Jeremy and Kat collapse. Leah checks for a pulse, nothing. Leah pulls out a bag, leaves a little farewell present and goes on her way. A few days later investigators find two bodies. In each other’s hands are hearts with the words “Lie together, Die together. –L.V” tattooed across each one.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a narrative assignment last semester.

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