The Wig

July 31, 2011
By lemoncherry BRONZE, Esopus, New York
lemoncherry BRONZE, Esopus, New York
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I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it. One more class to go, and then I can buy it.

The wig! I've been saving up for it. Saving all my lunch money and not eating. (My dad would be so mad if he knew)! I don't care. The Wig is worth starving over. Twenty nine dollars. Plus tax. And now I have finally saved it up.

Luckily,my last class is Art. At least I can move around in Art, because I'm so excited, it's hard to sit still. Thoughts of The Wig are consuming me.

Jittery, anticipatory thoughts.

I saw The Wig at the costume shop, in town. I go there sometimes, fantasizing what it would be like to be a whole different person. A person who is not really part of this world, but part of a much better world, where everything is exciting and romantic and happy, and never boring and depressing and sad.

A world where you don't trust your whole life to a boy you think is going to be with you forever... only then he ends up dumping you and ignoring you and making you feel like the worst piece of garbage that ever existed.

And then I saw it. The Wig. It was blond. Platinum blonde and super long,with sexy sweeping bangs and flirty curly layers. It practically shouted, I'M FUN AND CUTE AND FRIVOLOUS! In other words, everything I am not.

It's the sort of hair a bubble head would have. Hollywood hair. Paris Hilton hair.

Not Amelia Banks hair.

The Wig is everything my own hair is not. My own hair is super short.

I originally cut it short because I don't like my own hair when it gets long. It's too straight and brown and stringy. It doesn't hang right, and it always gets knotted up. It makes me feel like an uncool messy geek.

So I made the decision to get it cut short, because I was tired of feeling like an uncool messy geek. I wanted to be a whole new me. A me with cool short goth chick hair.

But now, after being dumped by Lou, I want to be a whole new me again...this time, a much more flirty, frivolous, and fun me. And the blonde wig is the perfect way to accomplish this.

No...I am convinced it is the ONLY way!

It's like the blonde wig has....magic. Magic to transform my life from dull and dreary and dropped, to pretty and playful and popular.

There's something else the wig will do. The Wig will help me win back my old boyfriend. That is the plan.

Once Lou sees me with that sexy long blonde hair, he won't be able to stay away from me.

He has no trouble staying away from me now, as he hugs and kisses every single girl he can get his stupid hands on. And he does it right in front of me,making me totally lose my appetite at lunch so it's no problem saving up all my lunch money for The Wig.

But The Wig will change all that. The Wig will make me irresistable. With that wig on my head,I'll be a whole different person. I won't be jealous of other girls. They'll be jealous of me. I'll always have a smug little smile on my face. Life will be good. Boys will be drawn to me.

Even though I really only care about one boy being drawn to me. Lou.

I put the finishing touches on my wood sculpture in Art class. It's a small couch made out of wood, because I didn't know what else to make.

I can't stand it. When will this school day end? Finally, FINALLY, the end of day buzzer sounds. YAY!!!! I practically run out of the Art room, into the hallway, and out the door.

It's a hot day for the beginning of June, but I barely notice. I have a big smile on my face. It's like the wig is already on my head. I'm getting closer to it. I can feel it.

Then I see Lou, standing at the bus turn-around. He's playing patty-cake with some rather large red-headed girl. Oh brother! That looks so stupid, I think. Wait until I get my wig. Then Lou's patty-cake days with other girls will be over.

Wow! I'm feeling more confident,already! It's like the wig is starting to work it's magic - and it's not even on my head yet.

By the time I get to the costume store, I'm all hot and sweaty. But no matter! I've never felt more alive in my life.

I open the door of the small shop. An old fashioned bell makes a ting-a-ling noise. I make a B-line past all the hats and capes and fairy wings. Then I see it.


I grab the blonde wig off the hook. My fingers are trembling. I can hardly breath with the anticipation of wearing it.

I put the wig on my head. It feels light and comfortable, like it's meant to be there. I feel the long curly locks brush the sides of my face. It's a new sensation; feeling the movement of hair on my head. It feels so...exciting. Suddenly, life seems full of possibilities!

Instantly, I am a brand new person. I go look at myself in the dirty mirror. I see a really cute girl looking back. She's smiling smugly, like she has a secret. She's so....HOT!

She doesn't look like the sort of girl who just got dumped by the love of her life. She looks like the sort of girl who would NEVER get dumped. She looks like the sort of girl every guy wants, and every girl wants to be.

Reluctantly, I take the wig off. Back to boring old Amelia Banks in the mirror. The way too serious Amelia Banks, with the short dark hair.

But not for long! I smile that smug sile, again. In my hand I hold the secret to happiness. The secret to winning my boyfriend back. And it's almost all mine!

I smooth down my own boring hair and bring the wig up to the cashier to pay. I place the pile of blonde curly synthetic hair down on the counter. The woman smiles at me, and picks up the wig.

"Cool wig!" she comments.

She's one of those older "artsy" type woman, with medium length frizzy gray/blonde hair, a green scarf, and a super long skirt splashed with electric bright colors.

I smile and say, "I know!"

The woman rings up my sale. I study her and wonder why she wouldn't want to wear a wig like the one I'm buying. After all, the costume store is loaded with wigs, and she could probably get one at a discount.

The woman tells me the total, and I dig it out of my wallet. Then I happily hand it over.

Twenty nine dollars plus tax to totally and completely change my life.

What a deal!

I can't wait to wear the wig. I must put it on now! So before I leave the costume store, I do. After all, the woman knows I'm not stealing it. She just rang me up. The woman watches me put the blonde wig on.

"That looks really good on you," she says, with a note of something in her voice.

A note of...jealousy?

"Thanks!" I say, feeling confident.

I walk out of that store, out into my new life as a cute and sexy blonde girl. Once I'm on the street, I feel the difference right away. It's amazing.

Men look at me! Men of ALL ages! I've never experienced this before in my life. It's a very heady feeling. I practice giving the cute and young guys flirty looks, and the old and ugly guys the brush-off, with just a glance. The YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME look. It's being drunk on my own power!

I'm even walking differently. More confident; holding my head up high and looking people in the eye, as opposed to slinking along, staring at the sidewalk.

Three girls pass by, shooting me annoyed looks.

Then I see a familiar face coming towards me. Brown curly hair that's a little on the wild side...big chocolate brown eyes...white's Lou!

Will he recognize me?

Lou gives me a double take, like he knows me - yet he doesn't know me.

He keeps staring at me. A bolt of electricity runs through my body. But I will play it cool.

"Hey...Amelia? Is that you?" he finally says.

"Amelia?" I say, in a teasing voice. "Who's Amelia?"

This confuses him.

"'s you, isn't it?" Lou says, invading my private space, giving me that drop dead sexy smile that works so well for him. "That hair looks sooo good on you, Amelia! Really! Wow!"

I smile sexily. My plan is working.

Then Lou says something else.

"You don't even look like you, any more!" he says.

"I know," I agree, still smiling.

"Where are you going?" he asks, looking me up and down with renewed interest. "Because wherever it is,I'm go with you."

Suddenly,I stop smiling. I remember what Lou declared his love for me, then went behind my back, E-mailing,texting, and facebooking all those other girls...flirting with them; telling them things like, I want to kiss you so bad!

I remember how much it hurt when I found out. I had given him everything. He knew every secret about me. He swore I was special. When I was with him, I believed it. Especially when he held me in his arms...then I remember how much it hurt when he dumped me...when he said he didn't love me any more...when he wouldn't even look at me, or talk to me...

"Well, sexy?" Lou was asking me. "Whaddya say?"

"No!" the new,more confident me tells him. "I have to get home. Sorry. See ya, Lou!"

Then I saunter away from him, not even looking back. I can picture exactly what he looks like; standing there staring at my retreating blonde head with his mouth wide open.

If I went with Lou, it would be like I was just another one of his "girls"...someone he would have flirted with behind MY back...and I didn't want that.

He wasn't worth it.

As I walk home, I feel good. I'm still confident, but now I'm confident for the right reasons. Not because I'm hot and sexy enough to win Lou back...rather, because I'm confident enough to realize that I don't want him back.

I can thank the wig for making me realize what I should have realized all along.

Only $29.00 plus tax to finally see the light. What a deal!

The author's comments:
This story is true fiction, but I got the idea to write it after I bought a wig from a costume store!

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