My Little House Story

July 31, 2011
I am Fate Forest, a young school girl with the dream of becoming the school teacher one day, raising my own loving family and having my own farm to run with my husband. I am semi-neighbors with the Ingalls family, Laura is my best friend, ever sense my mother died of smallpox, my father Wilford Forest has raised me, but the Ingalls are more of a family to me only because my dad is never around to pay attention to me, he is always working at the mill and on the farm keeping a house over my head. I sleep in the loft upstairs, that room is all mine and it will stay that way. I have long blond braids, and the deepest green eyes anyone has set eyes on. Today for school i am wearing my new red calico dress i made. I meet Laura down the road. I see her in her favorite blue calico dress and i can smell her favorite lemon verbena perfume. She smiled at me.
"Hey Fate!" Laura greeted me with a smile on her face.
"Hi Laura, where is Carrie?" I asked
"Oh, she will be here in a is making her Finnish her breakfast,"Laura laughed at her sister. I groaned i didn't want to be late for school, Ms.Wilder would be upset, Especially at me. I have been studying to take my teaching exams with Laura."Don't worry Fate we wont be late,Albert already left,i told him if we were late to tell Ms.Wilder that we had to wait for Carrie."
In the distance Carrie was running towards them,I sighed with relief. We finally got school, surprisingly we weren't late.
"Fate can you come here a second!" Ms. Wilder yelled
I stretched a smile on my face and said "What do you need ma'am?"
"You get to teach the class today, i want to see how you are doing with your studying." Ms. Wilder smiled
"I get to teach!"I yelled
"Laura gets to tomorrow,tell her that for me please."
"Yes ma'am!" I smiled and ran off.
Class starts i cant help my smiling I'm just so happy, Ms.Wilder told the class to call me 'Ms.Forest'. Willie frowned. I just kept on smiling.
"Okay can anyone tell me where the Brooklyn bridge is located?"
No one answered, Fate can already tell that this is going to be a long day. "Can you guys at least think of the name of the bridge the answer is in the name of the bridge!"
Still no one answered
"IT IS IN BROOKLYN!!"Fate yelled. Willie raised his and "Yes Willie?"
"The bridge also goes through Manhattan" Willy was being a smarty pants again.
"Willie,you could have raised your hand to say that when i first asked the question. You could have gotten half of it right!" Fate sighed.
"Sorry,Fate"Willie smiled knowing that he has done something wrong.
"It's Ms.Forest to you Willie" Fate frowned
"Common Fate,we all know that you aren't the real teacher."Willie smiled again. Fate ignored him.
"Can anyone tell me the five Boroughs in New York?"
Willie raised his hand.
"Yes Willie." I said
"Why are we talking about Donkeys during class,isn't that off topic Fate?"
"WILLIE! You are talking about burro,the donkey! I'M talking about Borough as in a town or district that is an administrative unit, in particular. Get it right." Fate spelled out both of the words followed by a definition on the black board.
"No I'm not going to get it right, YOU AREN'T OUR TEACHER!" Willie Yelled.
"Willie! Corner NOW I'm not going to put up with you anymore today!"
For the rest of the day class wen t well and Willie learned to listen to Fate. Ms.Wilder called her back into the room when everyone left.
"Yes Ms.Wilder?"
"Seems like someone has been studying!You handled Willie very, you will make a great teacher Fate." Ms.Wilder smiled.
"Thank you, i have to go now. See you tomorrow." Fate smiled at her.
"Yes i will be seeing you tomorrow"
Laura was on the stairs to the school waiting for Fate. She smiled at Fate.The rest of the way home was quiet until they got to the path where Fate goes on to get to her house. Laura waved good-bye and so did Fate. When Fate got home there was a note on the door from her father telling her that he will be eating at the restaurant tonight, and for her to do her homework, Fate laughed there was no homework today also giving her permission to eat over at Laura's house. Fate got on her horse and rode over to Laura's. She walked in to see Charles talking to Laura.
"Hello!" Fate smiled
"What are you doing here Fate?!"Laura got excited
"My pa said that i could eat here with you guys,if that is alright with you Mr.Ingalls?" Fate said
"Fate i cannot say no to you!You are like our family!Go up in the loft and do your homework with Laura" Charles said
"Mr.Ingalls i was the teacher today...i didn't give out any homework."
"Oh. You two go fishing then,be home for supper!" Charles laughed
"Thanks pa!"Laura hugged him.
Fate and Laura walked down to the creek. Fate was always lucky with fishing so was Laura. There was a boy walking down to the creek towards them. Fate saw him first she recognized the curly brown hair and blue eyes any where. It was Jason Delphi. Fate had a crush on him ever sense the first time she she met him. Ever sense then they started to date, Jason was the best thing that happened to her in a long time.
"Hello Fate" Jason smiled at her, Fate got up to give him a hug and a kiss. "No,stay right there!"
"What is wrong Jason?" Fate asked
"Nothing!" He said getting down on one knee. he took her hand and kissed it. telling her that he loved her he pulled out a ring and said "Will you marry me?"
"Yes!" Fate Squealed.

Five years later, Fate and Jason had a Daughter she named after her best friend Laura, and a son she named Nathan. She is a substitute teacher when Laura isn't able to teach. Her and Jason have a farm and a crop to raise. Laura Married Almanzo Wilder, Ms.Wilder's little brother. Ms. Wilder stopped teaching and gave her job to Laura when she moved.

I said this once and i will say it again but in a different way. I'm Fate Forest-Delphi. My dreams of becoming a teacher is partly true, my dream of having a loving family became true and i hope to add on to this family. I have a farm with my husband. I kept my best friend all of these years. My father sadly died of a heart attack, but i made it through the pain. Charles,Caroline and the rest are still practically her family.

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