My Best Friend- Part II

July 28, 2011
By JordanNicole SILVER, Spartanburg, South Carolina
JordanNicole SILVER, Spartanburg, South Carolina
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“Really? I thought that you like Anthony.” Jason said.

“Anthony? Are you kidding me?” Lizzie snickered.

“Uh…he did ask you out; I heard him the other day.” Jason recalled, trying to remember the conversation.

“Yes, he did. I told him that I wasn’t interested though!” Lizzie admitted. She now recalled that Jason was going to tell her something before she pronounced her love for him.

“What was it you wanted to tell me?”

“Well, you can probably figure it out on your own.” Jason hinted. He wondered if she really could put it together, and laughed at the thought.

“Let me guess. You do like Sara, don’t you?” Lizzie now felt like she’s made a fool of herself.

“What? How did you come up with that crazy idea?”

“Well, it’s kinda obvious; dontcha think? When I called yesterday your sister said you were going out with her. Y’all are always talking in class too. And if that’s not it, then what could possibly end our friendship?”

“Okay, I’ll admit it. Sara is cute…but she’s totally outta my league.” Lizzie mock punched Jason in the arm.

“Alright, I’ll bite. What is it then?” Lizzie really felt foolish for even thinking Jason liked Sara.

“I was actually going to tell you that I’m in love with you, Lizzie. I never suspected you to feel the same way. And you would have heard it earlier if you hadn’t butted in.” Jason cut his eyes at Lizzie and saw her smiling at his complaint.

“Well, this changes things.”

“I know. All this time we’ve been friends and now this.”
Lizzie kissed his cheek as he wrapped his arm around her waist. This felt natural for both of them. They stayed this way for a while, lost in the other’s embrace. Suddenly, Lizzie broke loose and ran to the water’s edge. Jason followed her, curious as to why she was headed in this direction. She turned and gave him a wistful grin. He’d seen that look before and wasn’t at all surprised that she was wearing it now.

“What are you thinking about?”

“I was wondering where we go from here…”

“So was I. What do we do now?”

“I don’t know Jason. I do love you and I want to be with you, but you know what just happened…I don’t think I’m ready to be in another relationship right now.” Lizzie confessed with sadness in her voice.

“I know. I’m sorry about that Lizzie. I know you’re hurting and I want you to know that I’m here for you.”

“I know, and thank you Jason. This means a lot to me.”

“So, I think I have a solution.”

“What is it?”

“For now, we can just remain friends and when you’re ready; I’ll be waiting for you.”

“That’s okay with me, but you do know that it might be a while, right?”

“I know Liz. And I’m prepared to wait for as long as I have to. I love you! I want you to know that I would never hurt you.”

“I know Jason. I love you too.”

“Okay. Let’s go home.”

“You know if Rachel and Rebecca are too much to handle, you can come stay with us.”

“I know. And I’ve been thinking about getting my own place, ya know.”

“Really? Where? How are you going to pay for everything?”

“It’s okay Lizzie, I’ve got it covered. Emily got me a job at the diner and I already have my own business. It should be more than enough!”

“That’s great Jason! I’m happy for you.”

“Yeah. But how will I get to see you?”

“I will visit you all the time. I’m not going to leave you. I’ll miss you too much if I do that.”

“But, what about college?”

“I can hold off a year. I might wind up working at the diner like my mom.”

“No, Lizzie! School is way more important than me. You have to go.”

“I can take classes online for a year, Jason. Then, when I’m done with the summer job, I will go.”

“Where do you want to go?”

“I planned on going to Arizona State but I might take some classes at the Community College.”

“Lizzie, don’t sell yourself short.”

“I’m not. Hey, when do I get to see your new place?”

“I don’t know. We can stop by on the way home, if you want.”

“Awesome, let’s go!”
It was a quiet ride in Lizzie’s truck on the way home. Jason got impatient and asked if he could drive. Lizzie gave in quickly and pulled to the side of the road.

“I can’t believe you’re moving.”

“It’s not that far, and you’ll see me at work. It won’t be that bad.”

“I’m getting tired of staying at home all of the time.”

“If you want, you can stay with me for a while.”
Jason hoped that she would agree to his plan. For some reason he couldn’t explain, it felt like her answer would be the opposite of that. The ride didn’t seem long after the switch. They finally turned off onto an old dirt road and Lizzie found that she liked the place more than she thought. Jason put the truck in park and climbed out, making his way to the front. Lizzie met him at the hood, standing in shock; taking in the scenery.

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea Jason.”

“I know, and it was stupid of me to ask in the first place.”

“Well, maybe we can give it a shot!”

“Really?” Jason was definitely surprised and pulled her into a big bear hug. Lizze found that this felt easy and comfortable. She liked the way their bodies melted into each other.

“Jay? I can’t breathe.”

“Oh, sorry babe. I can’t believe you’re actually considering this.”

“So, this is it? It’s beautiful!”
Jason glanced at Lizzie, obviously in love. She turned to stare into his chocolate brown eyes and found that he was looking right back into hers.

“Yeah, you are.”
Lizzie blushed and turned quickly away. He turned her around and grasped her in his warm embrace. While reaching tree high to kiss his cheek, Jason whispered,

“I love you more than the world!”
As Lizzie’s eyes glistened with joyful tears, Jason led her through the front lawn and up the porch.

“It needs some work. I’m also thinking about doing some remodeling.” Jason said as he tried to hide his overwhelming happiness.

“Well, I’m sure that’s something we can handle.” She glanced at Jason only to find a wistful grin on his face. Lizzie couldn’t help but stare at the house and all its glory. She loved the feel of the place and knowing she’d be staying with Jason made her feel like the luckiest girl in the world! This new found knowledge of Jason’s love for her didn’t surprise her at all. But knowing that just in a few short days she’d be living with him, did. Lizzie was dumbfounded at how natural being with him felt. They no longer felt the sibling love they once shared as kids. No, now it was different, scary different, yet exciting at the same time. She loved Jason as she knew he loved her. They didn’t have a care in the world as they stood hand in hand watching the sun start to set behind their new home.

The author's comments:
This is the second part to my piece, My Best Friend. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

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