July 22, 2011
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“The world is in silence as we remember the event that took place last year, September the 11th. Wind gushed through the air as the first plane hit the first tower like both objects were playing football. Like a bullet, it pierced through the side. You hear people yelling and screaming for help. People on the ground stare frantically as a building comes crashing down. But it doesn’t stop there, another plane hit the second tower. Harm like this hasn’t hit us since Pearl Harbor,”
the news reporter details, losing breath.
“Multiple news channels and loved ones watched as people are crushed under these towers. Little kids and adults run to safety as dust particles remove fresh air. We see now children without parents and parents without children. I’m here now with two people, Jack and Randy.
“Hi nice to meet you I’m Randy” Randy childishly smiles and waves.
“I’m Jack” Jack says.
“Tell the world how you two met” the reporter said with an interested tone.
“Well Jack’s parents and I are good friends. You see I use to go to central park everyday and sit and look around by myself. I didn’t have friends when my parents died and I was on my own. I met Jack’s parents and we’ve been close ever since. They said they seen the emptiness I hold and wanted to fill that void, they tried. But I promised them that if anything happened I would take care of Jack if anything happened to them; they wound up working in the Towers” Randy started to cry as he spilled his heart out on camera. “You see Jack is not too good so I have to protect him”
“You know you can get him some help” the interviewer said with a confused voice.
“I know but I’m all he’s got,” Randy said.
“This story is so interesting because it reminds me of the story Of Mice and Men. Randy
a quick 5’1 taking care of a heavy set 6’4 guy who isn’t quite able to help himself,” the reporter
joked laughingly.
“Nothing funny,” Jack said, ”there are much of kids out there with lot of nothing.”
“You’re right Jack” the reporter says, scared out of his mind because this big angry
dude is glaring at him. “I…I apologize, Randy, what’s next for you two?’
“I don’t know, we will continue to take care of each other. I will continue to play solitaire and when I can’t do these things any more” he said mockingly, mimicking the tone of the Great Depression “I’ll do what’s best for him.”

“Are you saying that you would do the unthinkable to a friend?”
Randy laughs: “who knows.”
“Well this is strange but its brought to you live from Strange News at 11.” The reporter says. “Back to you Bob.” As the news report goes to another piece, the news reporter watches as Randy waits, playing solitaire, looking through the window like he was looking for a lost dream while Jack follows a fly around the room. The reporter thought, Randy could have been on the phone bragging on how he was on T.V., why not? Then he pictures himself not knowing anyone who you can actually sit down and have a conversation with. Makes him wonder how Randy could ever feel an untouchable void.

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