Soulmates: Intertwined

July 26, 2011
He looked into my eyes, pain shadowing his every movement. His left hand was holding me to the ground, his right wavering as he held a bronze knife. "Jacob?" I asked. "Why?" His voice shook as he answered, "I have to." My heart chilled as he said those words. A tear rolled down his face. He closed his eyes. "I'm sorry Elizabeth."

I gasped and opened my eyes. Aniya was over me, shaking my shoulder. "Come on. The group needs you." she said in her quiet way.

I stood up and brushed a leaf out of my hair. "What's going on? I'm not 13 yet." Aniya just shook her head.

A word of knowledge for those who don't know or understand our group. We take in anyone under 18, except for the passing by mothers in need. In fact, most leave for the mystical Island by the time they are 20. In our group, there are two groups: anyone under 13, and anyone above 13. There is a little fire for us kids, and a huge bonfire for the rest. When you turn 13, you have this awesome celebration. Anyway, I'm only 12. So when Aniya led me to the fire, I had no clue what for. "Elizabeth." a boy's voice echoed out. I stopped, my eyes narrowed.
"Jacob," I said, my voice cold. He was the biggest jerk in the universe. He smiled.
"Hi Elizabeth." he said, a shadow falling on my face and I suddenly realized who it was in my dream.
And in this world, dreams become reality.

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