Such is the Fate

July 19, 2011
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Like a Phantom, I traveled forth
Uknown and unseen I stood beside you
The cold air, you breathed it in and it stun
Felt like fire burning out of control I placed my palm upon your arm and you breathed again
The fire dimmed and in its wake peace was left
"Who?" You turn but can see nothing, can feel nothing
In this state I smile, one of loneliness
Wrapping my arms around you, I sent my essence through you
"Be calm," I chime, though I know you cannot hear
For the world in which I walk is veiled behind a woven thread of Darkness that no mortal shall pass
I cannot walk among you freely
Cannot laugh, nor cry with you
For I am like a Phantom, with Darkened wings
For I am the nightmare that is better left forgotten
For although I protect you... I am nothing

"Hey," Emily walked towards him and waved her hand in his face. "Are you listening to me?" "Huh?" Ryu blinked his eyes twice and looked at her, "Did you say something?" She put her hands on her hips and huffed, "I've only been trying to get your attention for the past five minutes now." He smiled at her but there was sadness hidden there, a hidden message as his eyes met hers. Slowly, Ryu took her hands from her hips and wrapped them around his waist. "You must stop worrying about me," she tried to push herself away but he would not let her. "I should stop worrying, you say?" Emily looked into his eyes then, they were glossy and tears threatened to escape them. "Maybe I should also fade from the world that connects us, become a Phantom from the stories," she tried pushing again. Ryu sighed deeply, "You know that I would travel through any darkness to bring you back just so I could give you a proper punishment for being so reckless," he closed the rest of the space between them and kissed her forehead before resting his chin upon her head. "I'd never leave you all alone, Emily." She blushed deeply and stopped trying to get away. "You say that..." trailing off Emily slowly squeezed him more tightly. He lowered his head and brought his soft lips to her ear to whisper, "I promise."

A promise is a promise, but for how long? Emily was stricken by loneliness and sadness so she turned into a Phantom, fading to the world beyond the veil. Ryu, try as he might, could not pass this Darkness and though she was always near him he could never feel her touch or hear her voice. Such is the fate of the broken.

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