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July 28, 2011
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After being a hard working and successful businessman, I could not think of anywhere better to spend my retirement years and well-earned money than at my own home. My home is not just a house; my home is the gated community of Paradise Club, Florida. Paradise Club is nothing less than what the name depicts - paradise. The grand entrance to the community welcomes me with it’s tropical trees, exquisite flowers, dazzling fountains and security guards. The Paradise Club offers countless activities to chose from. I hardly ever leave because there is so much to do here. When I wake up in the morning, I drive down the road to the main club house, where I let the the young valet lads park my BMW while I go over to one of the four restaurants for breakfast. Paradise Club has all the breakfast food you could ever imagine: bread, toast, bagels, bacon, sausages, cereals, french toast, waffles, pancakes, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, hard boiled eggs, beans, fruit of all kinds, yogurt, oatmeal, and even more.

After I fill up on a hearty breakfast, I’ll walk over to the golf course, where I play a round. If I’m looking for something with more cardio involved, I’ll head over to one of the eight tennis courts. There are daily tennis tournaments that I often participate in. Then I take a long hot shower in the men’s locker room. The locker rooms have lounges outside of them with a big screen television, a few couches, coffee, orange juice and snacks. Paradise Club also has a few workout rooms, with over 40 scheduled classes per week, ranging from yoga, to kickboxing. Usually it’s only the ladies that participate in the classes though; you’ll find more men in the gym, lifting weights or trying to lose weight on various machines. Almost everyone here works out, probably because we eat so much darn food in this place!

After a nice big dinner, I’ll head over to the outdoor disco. We have a young d.j. who plays a mix of new songs and songs from when we were young, but hardly anyone dances to the new ones. Eventually he gets the hint and switches back to the older tunes. Next to the dance floor is a big marble fire pit, where we roast marshmallows and mingle all through the night.

On Saturdays when the grandchildren come to visit, we usually head down to one of the pools. There are separate pools for adults and children, although the children’s pool always looks like more fun. There’s also a big hot tub and sauna, where I like to relax my muscles from all the exercise I do here. Usually while the grandkids are having fun at the pool, their mother takes advantage of the fully equipped spa. Sometimes she’s in there for the entire day, but she always comes out glowing and relaxed. Later on, we usually go over to the movie theater. Paradise Club has five theaters, so theres always something playing for everyone. The kids always run right to the candy counter to get their movie treats. The best part about this place is that we never pay for anything upfront; I can leave my house and not have to worry about bringing money or anything. We just give the employees our code number, and they’ll add the cost to our tab.

I never lift a finger in this place, and boy do I love it! I always knew that working hard in life would get me places, but I never thought it would get me a ticket to heaven’s waiting room!

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