Bullying Revealed

July 28, 2011
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I remembering hearing the bullet whoosh past my ear and the feel of it brushing against my hair. What happened during that was a blur but some parts still remain in my mind. Sometimes when I sleep it replays over and over again and, there's no way to escape it. No way to unsee what I saw. No way to unsee my best friend being shot because, she happened to show up at school that day. No way to unsee the other students screaming in terror, as a tortured soul who had enough, ravaged through the school. No way to definately unsee the many lives lost, because of bullying. The pain. The terror. The lost. It's just to unbearable to even think about.

The events of that day and events to follow, is something I do not want to talk about but, I feel it is something everyone needs to hear. So I will tell you the story but, you must listen carefully because I will not repeat it. If you can not stand hearing about fighting, I suggest you leave now. If you can not stand hearing about loss and the pain it causes to everyone around them, I suggest you leave now. Most importantly, if you can not stand to hear the ugly truth about how our society is today, you must leave now. You have been warned.

When I first arrived at school that day, there were whispers everywhere. I knew I must have missed something so, I quickly caught up with my friend Julia, who gladly filled me in. It wasn't that we needed to gossip, it was just something that we were used to. After all, in high school, something big happens everyday and the gossip was just natural for everyone. I don't think people really understood how much it hurt, until something happened to them. By then of course, it would be to late for them to apologize so,when it all blew over, they'd return to their old self again.

Julia told me that Skye was caught picking her nose at school and Skye's best friend put a video, up on facebook the night before. I didn't even need to ask who Skye was, considering she's been picked on since school started. At first it was little things like commenting on her weight or her clothes. Later they would add on to it but making pig sounds as she walked by, or taping clothes coupons onto her locker.

I remember one day walking by and seeing someone stack packages of bacon in front of her locker. They were selling it for $2 a package and said that, “the pig has to go, it's crowding our school and no one likes a piggy. You want IT out? Then show your support by buying packages :)”

There was a line-up in front and I don't even think they disliked her, they just wanted to be apart of the crowd. I don't like getting involved in those things though, so I just walked away. I also walked away when I saw her crying while students threw strips of bacon at her.

Maybe if i did something then, nothing would have happened. Maybe if the principal did something when she knew what was going on, nothing would have happened. Maybe if kids weren't taught to be so cruel to one another, nothing would have happened. These maybes don't make a difference though. What happened, happened and there's no way to go back now. Although I realize now it's too late to change this, I'd go back in a heartbeat if it meant saving Skye, my best friend and, everyone else who got caught in the middle of it.

After Skye's best friend turned on her and the rest of her friends abandoned her, I think she just snapped. I'm assuming she could know longer hide anymore, or deal with the day after day taunting. It got to the point where she no longer felt safe anymore and she wanted it to stop. The only way she showed that she could stop it, was to get rid of everyone who hurt her. Even if that meant throwing her life away.

I was in my third period class, the last class before lunch, when I heard the gun shots. Right away the intercom came on saying “code blue” but, people were too scared to stay put. Everyone ran screaming, trying to get out of the school. I then got a call from Julie, telling me to meet her by the bathroom and I didn't even hesitate. I ran to meet her even though I could hear the bullets all around me. I didn't know what was going on but, I didn't want anything to happen to Julie.

When I rounded the corner to the bathroom, I came face to face with Skye. She was balling her eyes out and holding a gun with her eyes closed. She started shooting keeping her eyes closed, not caring who she shot. That's when the bullet shot past me and as I turned around, I saw Julie running towards me. Then I saw her scream and fall to the ground. I can still hear that scream even talking about it now. It rings through my ears every time I talk about it and I think about her lying there. My best friend lying there dead, surrounded by many others who were in the wrong spot, at the wrong time.

When Skye opened her eyes and saw me crying, with Julie in my lap, I think she finally realized what she had done. I mean of course she meant for people to stop bothering her but, I don't think she meant to kill all the innocent people. I doubt she even thought that the students at the school were even capable of caring. No one showed her compassion and I think she thought that every one of us, didn't have a heart or soul. However, when she saw all those people she didn't know dead and me crying, she fell to her knees and stared at me.

I saw nothing but pain and regret in her eyes, that I saw every single day that year and did nothing about. I've never seen so much sorrow in my entire life and I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone ever. Even when she grabbed the gun and shot herself. She didn't deserve that.

Now hear me out before you start to shout at me. She should not have killed all of those people, but if someone had spoken up and stopped that bullying, or even tried to leave her alone for a single day, it might not have happened. I'm not saying it wasn't her fault that my best friend is lying in a grave yard, but I'm saying that it could've been easily prevented.

Just think about how many times you or someone else you know, has been bullied or bullied someone else. You may not really think about how it's affecting someone at the time, but I encourage you to think now.

How many tears have you shed from someone making you cry? How many tears do you think someone else has shed, from you making them cry? Most importantly, how did it feel when it happened to you and how does it feel now, knowing that you could have and can stop other people from feeling the way that you felt, during many of those horrible times? It's a terrible feeling hey?

So I stand here now, in front of all of you who witnessed this terrible, terrible event. I stand here in front of these graves to acknowledge everyone who has died, because of bullying. Who has died because no one stood up. I stand here, to let you know, that I do NOT agree with bullying and it needs to stop, before it goes any further than it already has. I stand hear to mourn the death of my very best friend and, the death of the innocents and, tortured souls. I stand here now, to tell you that bullying is ruining the life of teenagers and many other age groups. It only takes at least one word to make a difference. You just need to take a step towards what's right. You need to stand up and fight against bullying!

The author's comments:
This story is completely fiction so, no worries. I just wanted everyone to be aware about how bullying can affect people and, kind of what happens in our society, as well as what we ignore. We need to learn to stand up against bullying!

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