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July 21, 2011
By erikae GOLD, Brookfield, Wisconsin
erikae GOLD, Brookfield, Wisconsin
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Hey Ya’ll

I don’t know who I’m writing to this time. T & K? Well I guess its now to you two. I guess that wouldn’t exactly be a “Ya’ll” situation, but deal with it.

Hm… Where to start… Its been so long… Well if we flash back to “July for Me” The guy that I didn’t click with has been my boyfriend for over 3 months now. Oh and this Sunday its one year since he dropped out of my life. Scary!! But you both know this.

T I know you don’t really like him, but will you please give him a chance? And stop with your dad-like lectures. It’s getting creepy! You can tell me all you want about your girlfriend without my judgment. T, you’re my best friend. That’s not changing. I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself… most of the time. When I can’t, I’m learning to ask for help. And I can do that now because of you. You’ve been the best friend I could ask for. By the way, one day I will get that kiss we talked about ;). But please don’t worry about me so much. Honest question time, why did you ask me the other day if I still liked you in that way? By asking that you reminded me how clueless you can be. It’s cute. You’re always going to be included in my life. That’s because I love you.

K… I don’t really know where we are right now. You have your new girlfriend, and you know I’m not her biggest fan. Please don’t let my silly pride hurt our friendship. Look! Her and I are talking again! Isn’t that a step? I don’t want to lose that friend that I can tell any story to. You’re impartial…kinda… But you’re funny, and sweet. I’d miss you if we went through more ish like we have. Then again, after what we put each other through, I think our friendship can last. P.S. you and T need to work stuff out. You guys not being on rocky terms isn’t cool.

Ok lets add some new characters to my little letter list. I can add North Dakota. I shall call you M? In about 2 weeksish I will have known you a year. What a long year It’s been. You’re one of the best things to ever happen to me. You are there for me whenever I need. You genuinely seem to care. I can go on and on about your merits, but there’s one in particular I wanted to talk about. You were the first guy to make me feel wanted. You made me feel pretty and interesting. I still have no idea what it is that you saw in me. I felt awful telling you I could have a long distance relationship with you… and again in March telling you I was seeing a guy… But you’re still there, telling me I’m your soulmate. Thank you. You are amazing. And the girl who gets you will be the luckiest girl in the world. Thank you. Also, I promise you I will see you someday.

I believe we have two more players to throw into this little mix. Next lets put in Ji. I don’t know where to start with you. I met you at Nightstorm, always a place to meet quality people. I was mad because my boy had jet off to Paris on a free pass from me. I danced with you that night and you asked for my number. I said yes. I really didn’t expect to hear from you. I mean you must have gotten tons of number that night, right? Well you swore to me you didn’t. That it was me and only me. We started talking a lot. And I met up with you that one night at the mall. Hun, I don’t want to lead you on. You, just like M are so sweet. You will find a great girl but I don’t think that girl is me. If I’m single and you still want me, I will give you a chance. But please, please don’t wait on me. If you do, you might miss that one girl that needs you. And if in the end I am that girl, then thank you in advance.

Lastly lets talk to the boyfriend. You sir are the most confusing, infuriating person I have ever met. You’re practical, sensible, and mature. That’s a good thing right? Well it can pose a problem when your girlfriend is 5 inside. You appreciate things, but do you often stop and watch the sunset? Well today you did. You told me it was pretty. Hehe I think that means I’m rubbing off on you. You are guarded and mysterious. You are the only person I’ve had to push to open up. I now understand some of that, but I’m here for you. Right now, you are all I want. I don’t care if we didn’t click last summer. We flow this summer. Yeah, I might not have seen you for 8 months, but we did talk. You helped anchor me down when my world was washing over me. I want you to open up to me and I want to show you my world. Give me that chance sweetie. I won’t let you down.

Thanks for listening.

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