The Girl Without a passion

June 28, 2011
By Anonymous

"Passion: a strong and barely controllable emotion; an intense desire for something..."
The other day, someone came up to me and asked "What's your passion?"
Usually, for most people, when they ask what's your passion they easily respond although the question is just as simple as "What's your name?".
I was left speechless. Maybe my tongue was tied and tried to find the answer deep in my brain but it just wouldn't come out. Or maybe I just don't have a passion…
I sit here in my tiny room troubling myself over this question. To my right, I have a keyboard I rarely play but intend to soon book lessons for. I have my trumpet which I love dearly, but my mom (the who's been playing trumpet all her life) tells me I can't even play it right.
To my left I have my report card. Average grades, good ones that should look great on a university application, but no passion for academic success.
I then look in the mirror. Short, average figure with average clothing because I…have no passion for fashion.
Writing and singing song never works for me because when I sing I sound like a dying duck. And writing a song always feels too frustrating. It's almost like all the good songs are taken! Maybe I'd have a better motivation to find new creative songs…if I had a passion for it.
You may think I'm just too lazy and the "I don't have a passion for it" is just a nicer way for me to say "Meh, too lazy". But laziness I tried to even see if I had a passion for it. But I don't, I find laziness a waste of time that's getting in the way of my "passion hunt".
I'm becoming frightened as I write this. When it comes time to pick electives for high-school, how will I do it? How does a girl without passion go through life? Will I become dull and boring? Will all the things I have and love in life slip away because I don't have a passion?
Or even worse, what if I take the wrong path and wind up in a life or job I hate all because I didn't have a passion to guide the road to follow.
Please… if anyone hears me. If there is a god up there or anyone watching over me. Please rid me of my problem. Give me a passion, and help me find the road to succeed in it.
I want to change and no longer be the girl without a passion.

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