The Day I Saved a Life

June 28, 2011
Hi! My name is Stacey and this is the time that I saved the life of someone that I saw on tv a lot. Ever since I was around five years old I watched Mike Webb telling us the weather on tv. He was on the national channel for weather called Weather in America. This experience changed my life forever.

Little did I know at the time my visit to see my uncle for the first time at his place would change my life forever. When I first saw my uncle I was ecstatic! I haven’t seen him in a year and I missed him dearly. On our first day we just settled at his place and went around his house and had fun. My uncle is a millionaire so he has a big mansion. We played games and watched tv and he told me that the Weather in America station was in the city he lives in.

So the next day we walked around town and saw the station from the outside and I just sat there imagining that my favorite meteorologists were all inside that building that I was standing in front of. After that, we ate at Burger King because I love it a lot. And after that we went shopping at the local mall and could get anything I wanted as long it was under $500. So I bought a lot of clothes, movies, and gift cards so I can use them on my favorite sites to get the memberships. Then we ate at a fancy restaurant where I ate this fish stuff. Then we came home and that’s where I heard that there was a severe thunderstorm coming tomorrow.

When I woke up my uncle told me that there was a tornado warning so we chased it. Little did we know where we were going to chase the tornado to was the town in which my favorite meteorologist lived in. We arrived in the town of Tallmadge after it was destroyed by the tornado. My uncle and I split up to help as many people as we can we figured out that it was an EF 5 tornado. This guy named Stan came up to me and told me that his neighbor Mike was missing and was worried that he didn’t survive. He told me that he didn’t go into the pile to look for him because he was so nervous about the outcome. So I asked what he looked like he said that he had “ short black hair, skinny, and around in his thirties.” Then I asked what his last name was then I knew that it was Mike Webb. So I went in and called out his name then I heard a faint “ Yes” So I dug in deeper and found him but he wasn’t alright he was unconsious so I did what I learned in first aid and got the neighbor to get some help while I checked his airways he was still breathing and then I told him that everything was going to be okay and that he wasn’t going to die on my watch. Then the paramedics finally came and took him away to the hospital.

The next day at the hospital I came in and asked where Mike was and I was taken up to his room. When I first came in I said hi then he said “ Wait are you the girl that saved me yesterday?” Then I explained to him that I was the one who saved him. Then he said “ Thank you very much for dong a good deed for me. What is your name?” Then I said my name then he asked me “ Do you know who I am?” Then I said “ Yes I do. I’ve always admired you especially since I was five.” Then he said “ Well want to get a tour of the Weather in America studio?” Then I said “ Yes!” So we talked about how we are from the same area and other things that we have in common.

Today is the day that I get to tour the Weather in America studio. It was the most exciting day in my life! I met Mike at the door and he took me to the studio where he and his partner Jen Flatley filmed the Today’s Weather. I got to meet both of them. Then we went around the studio after the show to meet more people. Then my tour was over I thanked Mike and he gave me his autograph before I left.

Now it’s ten years later and now I am 23 and now Mike is my partner on the same show. We get along very well. Got to go now the show is starting in ten minutes. Bye and I hope that you enjoyed this story!

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