The Reality of the Situation Pt. 2

June 27, 2011
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I walked up the front walk to my house slowly. I could see my mom working in the kitchen on a batch of cookies. As I settled on the porch swing we had in the front of the house I thought about my mother.
“My mom was a very strong woman. She raised me herself after I turned two because her and my father divorced that year. He moved away to another state and she ended up raising me all by herself with the help of my grandparents. Just last year she started dating Cole and they have been really happy together ever since. My mother was a nurse practitioner and worked hard. She was my best friend and my mom. We had a special bond together. I never wanted to disappoint her.”

I got up from the swing and walked through the front door and my mom walked out of the kitchen to meet me.
“Have fun honey?” she asked.
“Yeah it was fine. What are we having for dinner?”
“We can order out if you want. Its just going to be the two of us tonight for dinner if Tyler’s not coming over. Cole cant come tonight.”
“He has some things to do tonight, but maybe tomorrow night?” I asked with a questioning look on my face.
“Yeah that will be okay.”

I walked up the stairs to my room. The last door on the left. The room I designed myself two years ago when we moved into this house. I had changed it slightly since we have moved in but it was closely the same. The white walls with purple swirling designs on them, the purple comforter, and my own bathroom with the walk in shower. I wasn’t a spoiled little rich girl, although I did have some very nice thing. My mom had worked hard for what we had and still does.

I went into my bathroom and pulled my shirt up to show my stomach. It didn’t look any different, still flat from all the crunches at endless cheerleading practices.
“It wont be like this soon.” I thought.

I decided to take a nice warm bath then. I drew the water to a hot temperature and let it run for a while. I grabbed my iPod and put it on the dock letting it play out my favorite songs. As I got undressed I looked into the mirror.
“This is not what a pregnant teenage girl looked like. Good girls don’t get pregnant.” I thought.
“But they do…” I whispered to the empty bathroom.

I slipped into the tub and let myself finally relax. It felt good to just lay in the warm water with a blank mind but I started thinking as quickly as I had stopped.
“Tyler. The first day I saw him I knew that he was a special guy. I just didn’t know how special. We had met the summer before freshman year. I was a his house for some cheerleading thing with his mom. We briefly met when we were inside eating. Then freshman year, first day of school I met him again. He sat right in front of me in math. I was surrounded by guys in the class and we always had inside jokes and lots of fun. So much fun that the teacher had to move us to different parts of the room after about a half semester of us disrupting the class. He had gotten my number after school one of the first few days of school saying he ‘might need help with his math homework’. Yeah, like I bought that one. We started texting everyday and just enjoyed talking to each other. We were friends for at least half the year before we started dating. We dated other people before we dated each other. There was a month of really getting to know each other before we started. I really opened up to him and him to I. I felt like I had finally broken through that hard shell he had. It paid off because we were still together to this day. We were in our junior year now.”

I broke out of my thoughts when I heard my mom calling for me.
“Ill be down in 10 minutes.” I yelled back to her.

I got out of my warm bath and grabbed a towel. I walked into my closet and pulled on a pair of shorts and a school sweatshirt. I walked down the stairs pulling my hair into a messy bun. There was an amazing smell wafting at me through the kitchen door way. Pizza. My favorite food. I grabbed a couple of slices and sat down with my mom on the couch. She was watching medical shows that we both loved. Our TV was rarely on a different channel. Only if Tyler or my grandparents were here.

We finished our show and the pizza so I told my mom I was going up to bed. I sent a quick text to Tyler saying I was going to bed early that we would talk tomorrow. I got into bed and quickly fell asleep.

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