July 11, 2011
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Before I start I'd like to say a few things, you know like the letter from the author thing at the beginning of a book. You see, I never really write about this sort of thing, I'm usually all romance. But, hey, try something new! And I guess that I'm in love with writing, so I thought I'd write, about writing. Thank you and enjoy, I guess.

I'll start from the moment I started listening, my English teacher was saying something about what we will need to do for our GCSEs, I think. Anyway, she was saying all things about essays, speaking and listening, and fiction, well I guess it's fiction, it really depends what you're writing about. But, if you write facts about fiction, is that fiction or not? That's always confused me. Well, when I heard the word fiction, I got excited, thinking we could just write and let our thoughts and dreams and ambitions all flow onto a page. But, no, it's writing about books, in a fiction-y sort of way. Boring. So, I sat there thinking, why? Why can't we just write about anything? But then I guess it would be hard for them to give us grades and stuff. But wouldn't that be good, for your GCSEs, to write, about anything. You just get a sheet of lined paper and you write, about anything.

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