Carve Me This...

July 4, 2011
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“I am a block.” she said, “You have already been carved, so I am asking; Please carve me. Carve me that perfect figure, the slim and sexy one, the curvy one that attracts all those boys. Carve me that hair. Those perfect curls that give off that radiant shine. Please, oh, please carve me that face. The face with those beautiful brown eyes that twinkle in the light. Carve me that nose. The nose that is perfectly in proportion to those lips. The plump pink lips that look as soft as a cloud and as shiny as a clean mirror. And those legs. Those legs that are long and tan, the ones that give off that radiant shine.”

“Many people in society ask for this, but if everyone had this, where would diversity go?” he said, “Individuality would be lost. You can work for it but it won’t be given to you. You don’t need this. You are beautiful. Just. The. Way. You. Are.”

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